Saturday, March 31, 2012

Dress up

Her royal subjects, bowing at her feet

We were all home one morning last weekend and playing together when Tyson made Taryn the Queen of our Italian apartment. She wore her crown and cape around the house like it was the best thing ever. I have so many memories of little tea parties with my sisters and my mom. Sometimes my mom would pull out Grandma's China and make us delicious muffins and eggs while we dressed in old bridesmaids dresses and did our own make up. There is a certain picture somewhere in my parents home of us as little girls with bright red checks, heavy blue eye shadow, and bright pink lipstick....we looked good! :)
I have a little play tea set that I wrapped oh so carefully in tissue paper when I left for college. I remember packing it up again as we moved our stuff into storage before we came to Italy. I can't wait to pull out that little tea set and have tea parties with my little girl. We think she's pretty cute and hopefully she will love to play dress up for years to come.

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