Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Those poor sick eyes

Yesterday Taryn started to get fussy and when she woke up from her naps she seemed still so tired. She has been really really warm and uncomfortable. The rest of the day I tried to comfort her but everything made her so sad. Except Elmo, we are watching a lot of Sesame Street around here. I think it's a good way for us to take it slow and try to beat this sickness. She woke up at 5am briefly this morning with her sheets wet from sweat. Tyson held her as I put new blankets down and she went right back to sleep until 8am. She hasn't been napping well either.

When I got out of my Italian class today I could see the sickness in Taryn's eyes. Red, glossy, and tired. It breaks my heart to see her so sad and uncomfortable. We're almost out of our Baby Tylenol we brought from the U.S. but because Julie is so awesome (and a nurse!) she helped Paige find some for her sick babe her in Italy, which in turn will help me find some for Taryn!

I woke up with a pain in my left eye. Throughout the day the pain got worse and a bump formed and started to swell. Not fun. I think it's a stye, a very painful one. It's making me feel very off- but I think it's also sickness setting in on me too. I think the culprit of my stye is my mascara, so I'm seriously considering throwing it away. I don't like it anyway and it's one less thing to take home.

So we've been at home a lot for the past two days. I hoping Taryn's fever breaks tomorrow. I've also tried to organize and clean the apartment but slowly gave up after Taryn just wanted to be held.

On the plus side, some SAIS girls that live above us came down tonight to ask Tyson a quick homework question. They were on their way to gelato and asked if we would come along. Tyson still had a lot of homework to do so he stayed home to be with Taryn. I had just finished my Italian homework and Tyson told me that I should go, so I tagged along. It was a fun little outing to a nearby gelato spot, Grom. Who knew that Red Grapefruit (Pompelmo Rossa) sorbet was so delicious?! Those girls are so cute and fun!

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