Wednesday, March 30, 2011

We're Moving!!!!

Here's a couple of hints as to where we will be moving.

We will be moving to Italy (Bologna) so Tyson can study at
Johns Hopkins University
The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.

I am so excited and so proud of Tyson! I loved being there and can't wait to go experience a different part of Italy and hopefully revisit some of places I went with Tyson and our little bambina!


(Pictured above- Rome, Florence, Pisa and Venice- places I visited in the summer of 2009 with my sister as we studied Art)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A little extra lovin'

Sometimes you just need a little extra lovin'. And when it comes from a newborn baby, it's pretty special.

Tyson has been working so very hard lately as he's reached the last 6 weeks of his Senior semester. The next 6 weeks will be hard and taxing for him. He does so well in school and puts forth so much effort. When he comes home late from the library looking totally drained, I feel so bad. (Notice the bloodshot eyes of his) It's not just school! He has so much going on right now I wonder how he functions! These little moments are priceless to me-when Tyson comes home right before it's time for Taryn to go to bed. I want to give him as much Daddy time as possible. I know all of his hard work is totally worth it in the end. I just wish it wasn't so hard. (We've already seen great things come from his hard work! That's coming in another blog post!)

Very ready for Spring!

The 17th

Her green mittens! She doesn't fit into her other green clothing yet. But her dress did have some green flowers stitched on it!

March isn't over yet! So i can still show you what we did for St. Patrick's day!

Monday, March 28, 2011

How does a Mom do laundry?

One question I asked myself during the time my mom was staying with us after Taryn was born was... "How am I going to do laundry without my mom or Tyson here?"
(I asked this question concerning many other errands too.

Silly question? Not when you are seriously lacking a washer and dryer in your apartment and the laundry facility on property is not close to your apartment. I like to try to get my errands done early so I have the rest of the day. What to do?

Luckily, I still have the wonderful red wagon that helped me through my pregnancy when I couldn't carry 2 big baskets by myself (because I was not going to make any more trips than necessary!). Now that the loads have increased to 3 big baskets I was really stumped. A baby in one arm? Toting 3 baskets? Getting in and out of doors? I feel like I could draw a cartoon image of myself balancing 3 baskets ontop of each other- ready to topple over while my other hand has the baby that I'm trying to soothe.

But then I remembered! I have this!
Here is the reason I can still do laundry

fast asleep after the switch from washer to dryer.

I couldn't love this carrier more! Not only does it leave my arms free to fill the washer/dryers, but it also lulls my baby to sleep. It has been so helpful. We originally bought it (with a gift card!) before she was born with the thought of taking it on hikes and for traveling. But now- it serves an even greater purpose day to day. I'm kinda partial to my new accessory- a cute babe!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

One Month Old and Growing...

Taryn has been apart of our family for one month (yesterday)
She can now follow objects and during tummy time she can keep her head lifted and also turn her head from side to side. Taryn is working on smiling at Tyson and me and we are loving her little coo's while she sleeps. I've been impressed with her as she has come along with me on errands. She stays asleep through some incredible things. I will post in a little bit about one of my favorite things that helps me get errands done with Taryn. It's awesome!

Leaning, winking, and almost smiling

Sometimes it can be hard...
to get a good picture...
when your subject
keeps falling over...But then again, there is always one good one.
Plus- she looks cute even when she's all over the place.
( I couldn't stop laughing the whole time)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The art of the Swaddle

The Swaddle- one of the baby things that I had no idea how to do before she was born. In the hospital, Tyson studied the nurse's every move while she wrapped Taryn to learn how it was done. Then I watched him. Then we watched friends and family swaddle Taryn. It's so interesting to see everyone's version of the Swaddle. So I might not be pro at it yet (getting there!) but I still think it's adorable how she can wiggle her hands out, even when she is in a deep sleep.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Dana Point

Tyson had a great idea to talk a walk and my Mom suggested that we go down to Dana Point (bonus- if you park by the Pilgrim Ship-behind Tys in the last photo- you can park for free!)
The sun was shining and the wind was blowing which made for a perfect day! Can't get enough of the smell of California! I am going to bottle it up one day and take it home with me.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Songs and Girls

Taryn knows and loves her Dad! Especially when he sings to her.

Cousins! Berkleigh was so cute with Taryn. She asked so nicely if she could hold her and told me she like Taryn's buttons on her sweater. We're glad we helped even out the girl cousins on both sides of the family!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Travels in California

On Friday we drove up and down the coast watching for the surges that were supposed to hit the beaches as part of the aftermath of the Japan Tsunami. We didn't see much of a difference (later we found out most of the surges hit Northern California) but we loved the view and the smell of the ocean air.

Taryn slept for most of the drive. I just love the way she positions her hands while sleeping. Such a little lady! Her arms and hands are always moving ( which is why she is wearing mittens- she scratches her face even when I clip her finger nails almost every other day!)

Love this peaceful babe

Friday, March 18, 2011

Three Weeks old with Grandpa Craig

At three weeks old I look at her and can't believe how fast it has all gone by! I don't want her to stretch because every time she does she seems to grow another inch! :)

California and so much more

I can't believe how big Berkleigh and Merrick are now!

Uncle Ted and Aunt Glenna came for a visit! So sweet of them and so glad they came!

One of my good friends Melissa stopped by to see baby Taryn.

Taryn visited Grandpa Craig's work! All the ladies in the office were so sweet to her!

Aunt Jen and Uncle Tyson waited a long time after their temple trip for us to get to the Scott's but we finally made it. Thanks for waiting for us! I love these pictures of you with Taryn!

Taryn took her first road trip with us to California. She turned three weeks old there and has grown so much! She was perfect on the car ride there- waking conveniently when we had to stop. Taryn met many more family members and good friends. And she was able to expose her California roots when we took a long, perfect walk around the beach. We had a great time in California and we are grateful to my parents for letting us stay for so long and performing the greatest rescue mission ever (story to follow!)

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Our Little Lady

Sharing a bit of Taryn

Loving the special visitors!

Having family and friends visit these past two weeks has been so much fun. I love watching Taryn in the arms of others. So many great people have shown their love by visiting and I thought I would share some of the pictures! I take tons of pictures everyday now. I want to capture every moment that she grows!