Sunday, March 28, 2010

South Mountain Hike

At the end of the trail, there was this stone room.

The beautiful wild flowers that were in bloom all along the trail. There was grass everywhere- a product of the heavy winter rains!

You can tell by my crazy hair how hard the wind was blowing when we got to the top

Tyson standing at 6'3. Cactus standing at 15'. Now that I have lived in Arizona for 3 1/2 years, I have grown a better appreciation for Cacti

In the background you can see the city Phoenix. And in the foreground, there is a really handsome man!

We hiked on the best day! Lots of breeze and plenty of sunshine! We love hiking TOGETHER because we are being active and we always enjoy it!

The Sting of the Scorpions

I'm pretty sure I was stung by a scorpion about a week ago

It's not fun. I was left wondering if my leg was going to stay bright red and hot to the touch forever.

But I least for this week I am still doing all right.... :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

St. Patty's Day

Fountain Hills Park on St. Patrick's Day! They dye the fountain water green and tons of people come for the 12:00pm blast off. ( One cute kid next to us called it a Rocket ship!)

The mist from the fountain sprayed my white shirt! Should've known. But luckily, Oxy Clean took it right out!

Amy and the kids

Janette and the kids

Jenny and the kids

and Me!

Thanks for the great idea of the outing to Fountain Hills Jenny! So much fun! I loved being there with all the Smith girls and kids ( we missed you Whitney!) And thank you for the cupcakes too! What a great way to celebrate all the March birthdays! Yum!

"oh California, Oh California, Oh California ohhh ohhh"

Rainbow Sandals. A California tradition. They are the only sandals I wear and they last forever! Tyson (because he married a California girl) has a pair of these amazing sandals.This is the tiny shack (litterally) in San Clemente where they produce all the Rainbow sandals and distribute them across the country

Brooke- the awesome

Our California adventure was a fun one! Arriving Sunday morning, just before church and leaving early Tuesday morning so I could go to work that day. We had fun with Mom and Dad and Brooke! We went to Breakfast at "Waffle Beach" - as the Scott's dub it- A place where you can eat delicious waffles while your feet are in the sand. It's beautiful in Newport Beach!

Tyson and I also made our way to Salt Creek Beach. We loved walking up and down the beach, picking up the coolest seashells ever and skipping tons of rocks into the ocean

The beautiful California wildflowers that are in full bloom! My parents backyard is full of them!

The Stud and the great view

Thank you Mom and Dad for having us this weekend! We loved it! And we love you!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ode to Parents

My parents have been married for 35 years today! Check my family blog (on the side bar) Scott Family! They have been wonderful examples to me and to my siblings! I love my parents! Happy Anniversary!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Off To California!!!!!

For a Quick Trip!!!!!
Pictures to Follow!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Saturday is a special day....

This is an old picture AND we did NOT get all that soda! Most of it is actually for the other couple (Brittan in the picture). They live really far out in the boonies of Mesa and stock up on awesome soda every time they come out this way to Tempe

This weekend was great!

Tyson and I went to a Primary activity at 7:30 am and we were so happy with the turn out of children! The activity (prayer, journal and Scripture kits) was a big hit!

At 10am we went with the LDSSA group to hike "A" Mt. We ran into one of our married couple friends- accidental double date! Best part of the whole hike....walking back with Tyson and loving every minute because I was with my best friend having the best time.

Tyson had some cash from babysitting this weekend so he thought it would be great to go to the Pop Shop. Every kind of soda you can imagine... like...

Celery Soda
Black Cherry
Raspberry Lime Ricky
Key Lime Cream Soda
Chocolate soda
(just to name a few)

At the Pop Shop we ran into another one of our married couple friends. Tyson and Brittan (the husbands) used to see each other every day last semester. But this semester has been hard on both of them. This was the first time they saw each other this semester!

After getting off of work at 10pm, we rented a FREE movie!
We reflected on the long busy week. we realized that for two nights this week we saw each other for about 2 1/2 hours each day. That's it!!! AH! But we were so glad we had this weekend to catch up!

We also had dinner with two other couples on Sunday. We really enjoyed it and were grateful for the invitation to join!
And our primary kids are so cool and funny! It's really fun to teach them

Monday, March 1, 2010

Quotes/Thoughts/ Happenings that made me Laugh on March 1st

"I love being married! You get two birthdays a year!"-Tyson

Watching 3 guys trying to figure out how to put ALL of their groceries in a two-seater car

"22? That's one year closer to death" -Primary Child

Going from having no Easter decorations to having the cutest decor for my apartment!!!

"I think Carni workers are freaky" (carnival workers)- Tyson

Getting an unexpected call from New Zealand to say happy birthday!- Ashley

Receiving a message that said an item I purchased at the grocery store and have ALREADY CONSUMED has been recalled for SALMONELLA! oh brother!

A great birthday lunch at Smashburgers with Janette!

Planning a trip to California

Tyson's persistence while making my birthday cake (even at 12:30am)

Taking a nap. A much needed nap

Getting tons of birthday messages, texts, calls, and emails!

Losing my silver car in the parking lot...then realizing I drove Tyson's green car

I share my birthday with the pigs. Today is National Pig Day.

Talking on my cell phone with my parents this morning....
"What did the text say? Can you read it?"- Mom
"Well...umm...where did I put my phone???"-Brianna
"Why can't you read it?" -Mom
"I lost my cell phone. I just had it too."-Brianna
"Brianna."- Mom
"Ya mom?"- Brianna
"Aren't you talking on your cell phone right now...?"-Mom
..........long pause..........
(Brianna bursts into laughter)
"You're right!!!I can't believe that!"-Brianna
"Brianna. Maybe you should go lay down." -Dad
(Brianna, Mom and Dad....laughing laughing and laughing....)

My Favorite 22nd Birthday!

To the best husband! I love you! Thank you for making my 22nd birthday so much fun! Birthday Breakfast and Birthday Dinner with you! I was so lucky! (no work for me today!)

Lemon Brule Bar? I think Yes!
Or Blackend Bow Tie Pasta- yums all around
This burger is called the "Widow Maker" Probably one of the biggest burgers I have EVER seen! I had to get a shot of his last bite. That's just awesome!

22 years old ToDaY!

Today has been a wonderful day!

Tyson made my birthday cake last night- Chocolate cake with Peanut Butter Frosting. So delicious! He made it from scatch!I was surprised by a wonderful birthday display that Tyson made. There were streamers outside the bedroom door to prevent me from sneaking out before he was ready for me!

(Traditional Scott Family Birthday Breakfast- birthday cake, canned peaches and pears- Yum!) There were also surprise birthday gifts! Tyson gave me a black purse ( I broke my old one)
Mom and Dad sent me cute Easter decorations (table cloths, kitchen towels and an Egg Wreath) Janette gave me these "Egg-cellent" Easter eggs to display

Tyson surprised me with a Mary Poppins Soundtrack and the original book that the movie/musical was based on. (When he told me after seeing the play that it was based on a book I said, "Oh,I didn't know that. I would like to read that sometime!" Tyson thought to himself..."Perfect...I already got it for her!" He is so smart!


Janette stopped by to bring me the Easter Eggs and then we went to a great lunch at Smashburgers. It's a hip burger place that has delicious Veggie Fry's (asparagus, carrots, and green beans). We enjoyed splitting our burgers for a taste of each and chatting away! Thanks for the great lunch Janette! :)


This day has been filled with very thoughtful gifts, calls, texts, emails, and happy thoughts! Thank you for all making my birthday so special!

Tonight Tyson is going to take me out to eat for my birthday but I have no idea where!?! I am excited!
Love you all!