Wednesday, December 23, 2009

My Sweetheart

He is the best...for so many are a couple...

1. He is always happy
2. He makes me laugh everyday
3. He is great with children (especially our nieces and nephews)
4.He has the biggest heart.
5. When he makes us peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, he makes mine with Chunky peanut butter (cause he knows I love it) and his with smooth peanut butter.
6. He is so dapper
7. He downloaded country music onto his ipod so when we drive in his car, we can listen to some of the music I like (Taylor Swift)
8. He is very complimentary. I feel like a princess!
9. He leaves me random love notes everywhere
10. He loves to quote movies just as much as I do (especially Emperor's New Groove)
11. He recently won free itunes money and after buying himself a couple of songs he turned to me and said, "Ok, what songs do you want?" Always so giving!
12.He is so willing to try new things. Like avocado. I put some on his sandwich one day and he loves it now!
13. He is BIG into holidays and BIG into family traditions. It makes special occasions even more fun!
14. He has such a strong testimony of the Gospel.
15. I LOVE TYSON!!!!!!!!!


Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Lights in the Desert

For Family Home Evening this week, Brianna and I decided to fill up our thermos mugs with Stephen's Hot Chocolate (mint flavored) and go cruising around Tempe in search of houses impressively decorated with Christmas lights and also for unique decorations.

What I have to present to you is the best of the best separated into three categories:

1) Inflatables (3-way tie)

SpongeBob SquarePants

A hippopotamus


2) Santa's Different Modes of Transportation (Also a 3-way tie)

Polar Bear



3) Best House (in Tempe, Arizona)

Even though I couldn't put this next one into a category, it deserved to make the post:

Mr. Christmas Duck

p.s. Santa was not harmed in the making of this blog:

Monday, December 14, 2009

The Fergusons

Skyler and Kaitlin Ferguson are in our new Family Ward. They came over for dinner on Sunday and afterwards we saw a performance of Handel's Messiah at a nearby Stake Center. We had a fun night with them! And they live sooo close to us! We love our new ward!

Matching PJ's for the Holidays!

We wanted to be cute and match for Christmas in California. We found these awesome Pj's -a sweet deal! (Tyson laughed after he took this picture- we match our sofa!)

Monday, December 7, 2009

His Goal

Tyson had a goal to learn how to cook/bake something this week. So I showed him how to cut tomatoes......
Peel and slice avocados (his new found favorite food)
cook ground beef, season it ,and how not to pour the fat down the kitchen sink.....
and BAM! He made perfect Taco Stars (a Scott Family favorite)
Tyson's wonderfully decorated Taco Star

Brianna's edible creation. Pure Yumness

I am proud of Tyson. He now knows how to make this awesome dinner. And it tasted sooo good!

My Goal

It's a Smith Family tradition. Every Christmas lots of flour....

powdered sugar....pecans......yeast......sugar.... sprinkles and cherries...

all mixed together makes this yummy Christmas Tree Bread.

After eating the "tester", Tyson said, "NOW you're a Smith girl. Not because you had your name legally changed at the Social Security office today, but because you can make Christmas Tree bread." I also was told that I scored about a galzzillbillion wife points by making this Christmas tradition for our home. SCORE! I loved learning from Janette how to make it this past week. Thanks Janette!

As part of the tradition, each bread made is given away to close friends and neighbors. We gave our first Christmas tree bread to Sandy Skouson and his wife Cortney. Sandy is celebrating his birthday today. And we thought Christmas Tree bread would be a perfect way to help celebrate!

A fresh start for Winter

The old do. It's lasted so long
so very very loooonnnnggg
So it had to go. The new do.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas Time on South Beck Ave

Our first Christmas tree and our first Christmas Ornament purchased as a married couple. We have added a couple of ornaments that we received from our wedding and that I bought while in Germany.
Tyson had a great idea to put lights up on our Kitchen arch way. When we were looking for lights we saw this awesome garland and lights combo. Tyson and I worked together to put it up and we are so proud of how it turned out. Tyson said, "It feels like Christmas now!" A little tree, some decorations, and cold weather. Loving this beautiful Christmas Season.

I love the quote from President Monson: "To catch the real meaning of the spirit of Christmas, we need only drop the last syllable, and it becomes the Spirit of Christ."

Cornish Pasties

Scott girls - (Ashleigh, Mackenzie, and Brooke) and Mom and Dad
Do you remember going to London England and visiting the Victoria Railway Station?
Do you remember what we ate there....that was absolutely wonderful?

While living in Arizona, I have tried to research interesting restaurants. About 2 years ago I came here with friends and loved it. Tyson's brother in-law Ken recently ate here and told Tyson how great it was (and Tyson got to taste his great leftovers too) So Tyson and I went on a date to the Cornish Pasty Co. for lunch and loved the variety of fillings they had. I had Chicken Alfredo with Marinara and Tyson had The Reuben. It brought memories back to me of eating these awesome creations with some of my family. Yum!

Thanksgiving Day

This Thanksgiving, Tyson and I were VERY grateful for the Booth Family. They invited us to a wonderful Thanksgiving Dinner. We are grateful for family and the love the we feel from them. Janette did an amazing job at orchestrating the Dinner and Ken (and Tom) did a great job of cutting the 2 Turkeys
Just a glimpse (that doesn't do justice) at how much food was prepared
The Amazing Pie Line Up. Each pie was delicious! And Tyson and I made sure to try each one!

The Turkey Trot 10k

After the race we got a picture with the Turkey! The turkey actually runs the race (Poor guy in a very heavy turkey suit)
Right before the Race Line Up
Tons and Tons and Tons of People!!!
Looking at the different numbers on the bibs made us realize how many people were in the race! Easily over 2,000 people! These are the Amundsen Boys. Tyson grew up with them. Great guys!

Tyson and I decided on Sunday that we would run in the Turkey Trot 10 k Race in Mesa. We were so excited for the race and we even wore matching shirts (from a previous race we ran together) and matching sweatbands. We were side by side the whole race and crossed the finish line holding hands. WE GOT FIRST PLACE!!!!!!! (In the hand holding division- said the announcer) 6.2 miles!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

What's In A Name?

After discussing the interesting name of one of our friends, Tyson began a search on what it could mean. This led to spin off of all family names. Some we laughed at, some we thought were quite fitting. Hope you like it! We love you all, no matter what your name really means (crooked nose!)

Tyson- “High-spirited” or “Firebrand”
Brianna- “Noble”, “Exalted” or “Strong”

Michael- “Who resembles God?” or “Gift from God”
Janis- “God’s grace” or “God is gracious”
Janette- “God is gracious”
Kenneth- “Born of Fire” or “Good-looking”
Jayden- “God has heard” or “Thankful”
Amanda- “Fit to be loved”, “Lovable” or “Precious thing”
Andrew- “Manly” or “Warrior”
Janalee- “God’s Grace”
Caleb- “Faith”, “Devotion” or “Whole-hearted”
Travis- “To cross over” or “Toll collector”
Amy- “Beloved”
Skye- “Sky” or “Heavenly”
Sherrod- “Clearer of the land”
Shea- “Admirable”, “Graceful” or “Hawk-like”
Sage- “Wise” or “Healthy”
Todd- “Fox”
Jennifer- “Fair one”
Harrison- “Son of Harry/Harris (home-ruler)”
Alyssa- “Noble” or “Kind”
Trevor- “Great settlement”, “Homestead” or “Industrious”
Whitney- “White Island”

Craig- “Rock”
Jackie- “God is Gracious”
Megan- “Pearl” or “Mighty”
David- “Beloved”
Ethan- “Firmness” or “Long-lived”
Nataleigh- “Birthday”
Jacob- “Supplanter” or “Holder of the heel”
Cameron- “Crooked nose”
Jana(lee)- “God’s Grace”
Tyson- “High-spirited” or “Firebrand”
Jennifer- “Fair one”
Merrick- “Ruler of the sea”
Berkleigh- “the birch tree meadow”
Brittany- “From Britain/England”, “Strong” or “Industrious”
Ashleigh- “Ash wood” or “ash tree meadow”
Mackenzie- “Fireborn” or “Child of a wise leader”
Brooke- “Water”, “Small Stream” or “Brook”

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Arizona Open House

Some friends from our singles ward. The guy in the blue, Jason, was our mutual friend before Tyson and I met. It's because of him that Tyson approached the table I was sitting at one day at lunch and then got my number, and then asked me out, and then ......oh this story will continue forever....Thanks Jason!
My sassy sista Brooke! We were so glad to have her there!

Christie is a doll! She came to our AZ open house even though she had a jam packed night of school/ choir duties! We love you so much!

Arizona Open House

Dad talking to President and Sister Smith
Love this picture!
I love my Dad. He has provided so much for me
My sweet Mom who looked beautiful !
I think this is a great picture. I love the flowers over the beams and the twinkle lights

The Hallock Residence. Their house is so beautiful. We were so grateful to be able to have our Open House there. We love the Hallock's and all they did for us!

Arizona Open House