Sunday, June 2, 2019

May 2018 for the Smith

Haddie and I have been able to spend a lot of time together and I'm grateful for it! Sometimes we're grocery shopping buddies, and sometimes we are park buddies. We love to spend time with friends but I love our special one on one time too. 

The Young Women in our ward (and the two that we join with) asked me to teach them how to decorate a cake. It was super fun to teach tips, let the girls take a chance at decorating and seeing their work! One of the leaders was inspired to make a cake for one of her family members later that week!

"The best part of making cakes is being apart of peoples' celebrations"

Edible cookie dough, sprinkles, and yummy cake layers. The cake tasted so good and the girls decorated it so well. 

The water may have still been a bit chilly, but that didn't stop the kids from jumping right in to the Yards Park wading pool. A true sign that summer is on it's way and it's going to be glorious. 

Besties Haddie & Gwen

Lots of park dates during the day with friends- no better way to spend our time. 

Look at that smile! Full of life!

"Look mom!"

We got to see some of the work that Taryn had been doing during her 1st grade year. This was her self portrait with the quote, "It is hot." So true. Taryn takes after Tyson and always runs hot. It could be 30 degrees outside and she is without a jacket, sweating bullets. 

Tyson works hard to keep the enormous lawn looking good. It takes about 1.5 hours to get the lawn tame. 

And then it looks soooo good for another two weeks before it grows out of control again. 

Making soup for her imaginary dragon.

We got this dress in Mexico for Taryn when she was just about 23 months old. She wore it for awhile and then when going through boxes, we found it for Haddie to wear.

She could just barely squeeze into it ( man- should have pulled it out earlier!) but Haddie loved it! 

This dress inspired a cake for Cinco de Mayo. I had extra cake layers and frosting, so I got to creating! 

Coconut cake with Pina Colada filling. So yummy!

She sure loves to play, but Haddie loves a good nap and requests them frequently. It takes about 3-4 days before her body feels worn down and then a nap is called for. 

For a few months, I watched Daniel & Charlotte- siblings whose mom and dad were in training for a new job. We had them in the morning and after school in the afternoon. It was so fun to see these kids play together- constant buddies. Haddie had a hard time with someone wanting to play with all her toys but after a bit of time, Charlotte and Haddie became besties. 

Walking to school in the morning is always fun, especially when we run into our doggie friends. 

Taryn took off into school at drop off even though we saw Oakie the Owl out front. Charlotte, Haddie & our cute neighbor Charlie were happy to stop for a photo!

Always finding a spot on my lap.

Lynne & I meet up weekly and switch up the parks we try. 
I love catching up with Lynne each week. 

Cookies are always a good idea. 

How many kids can fit on this spider web?! 
After gymnastics class park ritual. 

I've worked very hard on making our front garden plot beautiful over the 3 years we've lived here. I try to plant as much perennials as I can to make for less work (and money spent) next year. 

This space went from having 5 lonely daffodils to this!

Soccer season is roaring. 

Sometimes the heat is a bit much

So you have to take matters into your own hands. 

On the way to a soccer game one weekend, Tyson spotted this adorable pie shop. He had the great idea to order one for Mother's Day but it turns out you had to preorder the pies at least a week in advance. Tyson had a plan B which was to pick up a yummy pie from Whole Foods. So he picked up the pie and tried to keep it a secret, which meant letting Taryn hold it in the back of the car while I was riding in the front seat (trying to keep it going with the girls that the pie/flowers were a secret from me though I knew what was going on the whole time.) Well we took a turn and the pie took a tumble in the back seat. 

Tyson and I laughed so hard when we got home when we opened the box. The pie may not have looked great anymore but it still tasted fantastic. 

The girls did NOT want to take a photo but because it was Mother's Day, I told them it was my one request and they had to ;)

Found a bread recipe that I rocked at making. 
Breads are not my specialty but this one turned out!

Always wanting to help out, even with washing the car windows. 

Adventuring in D.C. with Haddie's friend Gwen. 
We visited the Native American museum and the U.S. Botanic Gardens.

Soaking up my time with this little one. 

Haddie has gotten SO much better at the Dentist. It was a battle to get her to let the dentist even look inside her mouth without her crying and screaming. Now that she's gone with one of her bestie's and had to be brave to show her friend what it's like going to the dentist, she's been rocking it. 

And Taryn rocking it like a pro. 

On Friday's we were pink. 

I love catching these sweet moments.
Daddy daughter dancing. 

Snug as a bug in a rug.

And not sure how this cold be comfortable. 

Stocking up at Costco and picked up this cutie in one of the aisles ;)

April was the start of a lot of questions and tests for Haddie in the medical world. A UTI brought up lots of worry. This was the start of a summer filled with intense medical tests that always wore Haddie out. 

Sweet girl. 

I've loved hosting Joy School. 
Crafts, play time snacks and friends. 

Haddie's pose :)

We had a scavenger hunt around the house all revolved around camping, the theme for the day.

Shadow puppets were a big hit!

Seth finished his work program and we celebrated!!! Brittany & Seth invited their good friends out to dinner and it was fun (and delicious.)

Brittany, Brittany and Brianna

Brittany & Seth went through a lot in a few short months. Having to live a whole country apart while Seth did training and Brittany had a baby! 
Thankfully Brittany got to live with my parents during those months. 
They made it through and it was fun to celebrate their accomplishments.

I chaperoned Taryn's 1st grade field trip to the National Zoo. Because we've been to the zoo so many times, I was able to navigate us all around the zoo so we could see a ton of animals. 

Haddie was a trooper and walked around the entire zoo, keeping up with Taryn & her classmates. 
She fell alseep right after we buckled up in the car. 

Summer fun with friends! It's what it's all about. 

Can't forget about all the cakes going on behind the scenes. 

Exploring D.C. and the new Bible museum. We've been several times now and it's so great.

One last hurrah with the Mellings in D.C. before they left for California and their new job!

And you can't leave D.C. without one last Good Stuff Eatery burger. 

These girls were so patient waiting for their food. 

Ok, I tried to make slime with the girls. But apparently I bought the wrong kind of contact solution that was lacking the main component. Man, it devastated Taryn because she LOVES slime. We'll have to redo this one sometime.

Magnets to water.

Entertaining ourlseves at soccer practice. 

Charlotte and Haddie scooting to school pick up

The girls captured some photos that I had no idea about until later checking my phone :)

It was a beautiful day for stomp rocket launches at the park with friends. Grandma & Grandpa Scott thought of such a fun Christmas gift that just keeps giving. 

Beautiful weather, amazingly green Virginia all around and scootering to school. 

Tyson was invtied to the anniversary celebration of TradeMoves, a company he worked for a few years ago post graduate school. It was such a fun night to reconnect with Tyson's co-workers and our friends while bowling and eating dinner. 

Teacher appreciation week goodies prepared by Taryn. 

And Haddie who could spend all day every day in the water (so could Taryn if she wasn't in school!)