Tuesday, April 26, 2011

One Hard Day

I knew this day would come. I was dreading it. I could even see myself crying because of it. I frankly, didn't want to do it. But I knew I had to. And I know it's going to happen many more times. I needed to be brave. But I was still sad last night as I told Tyson, "Tomorrow is the day Taryn gets her shots. "

I took her to the clinic and they told me she would get three shots and then a dropper full of another live virus. 3 shots! Ugh. I cringed. Then they informed me it was national immunization week and they were giving one adult shot for free (Tetanus, Diphteria, and Pertussis). I wanted to get it because :

1. This will help me so I don't give Whopping cough to Taryn (goog
le Jennifer Lopez and whopping cough. The lady at the desk had it playing for me and another mom in line)
2. It's Free

3. I wanted to re-up my Tetanus because it's been a long time.

4. I feel safer having received it knowing that we will be in Italy soon. It keeps myself from worrying too much.

Our Battle Wounds.
The biggest owie on one leg

Two owie's on the same leg!

One owie for Mom (if mine hurts this bad after one... I can only imagine how much Taryn's must hurt!)

saddest part of this whole experience. Having to hold Taryn during it. It's like I was saying, "Go ahead, hurt my baby." Ugh. Her facial expression will forever be in my head. Her eyes got HUGE as she realized what was happening to her poor legs. Then she burst into tears and screams. My poor baby. It was a good thing that she fell asleep so quickly after. My mom said she will quickly forget about it that way.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Tys took these Mother-Daughter shots after church today. I LOVE them!

Taryn's hair piece was made by her cousin, Amanda. It is so cute and Taryn received a ton of compliments on it! Thanks Amanda!

We went to a family friends house and made Birds nests for dessert. Chocolate cake and Hummingbird cake- Yum!

And these adorable pictures below were taken by Tyson. Taryn was very happy and gave her Uncle Ken some very big smiles. I believe it's the first time she has smiled for the Booths since she learned how.

Great shots Tys! Our little one is a smiling happy baby!

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Blabbling about life as a baby

Turn down the volume a bit so you don't hurt your ears! My voice is very high.
Taryn really does smile! I was trying to encourage her to do so but I didn't get much during this shot. I still like it. It shows her being a cute little girl.

Easter with the Smith's

Smith Family had an Easter celebration with an egg hunt, egg coloring and dinner on Friday night. Tyson was the head "Egg Hider" and let me tell you he has serious hiding skills.Taryn wore her little Spring outfit for the occasion.

Baby Taryn and Baby Ashlyn received lots of love from cousins!

Taryn's Two Months Old!

Yesterday marked two months for this lil gal. We can't believe how much see has grown and changed since Feb. 22. I watched a video we took of her when she was just one week old. She was lying on the floor, perfectly still, just watching me film her and not making a sound. Then I recorded Taryn on the floor during tummy time just a few days ago. She can really move! She kicks her feet and always has her arms moving. She coo's and smiles back now too. She grabs on to some things (mainly my hair) and likes to watch me and Tyson as we go about the room talking. We love our little babe and her little smile, little eyes, little nose, little cry, little stretches, and little feet.

The headband she is wearing has a fun story. A friend gave me a gift from Anthropologie a long time ago (possibly before I was married) and it had a cute fabric tie around it with a single brown button. In my head I thought this would be cute as a hair piece so I saved it, and saved it, and saved it. Did nothing with it until I found out I was pregnant and thought it would make a better baby head band. So I cut a section of the fabric and attached a small piece stretchy material to it. Then I found two other buttons I wasn't using and sewed them on. I really like how it turned out! And I love that it didn't take me long to make it.

Monday, April 18, 2011

How do you cure studying blues?

You build a giant apartment fort, of course!

and include secret treasures along the path through it
(we saw these in the grocery store once and wanted to try them ever since.)I realized after making this for Tys that we need more blankets/sheets! :)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Spelling and Dancing

Feeling the urge to dance in her ruffles!

Had to do a simple post to say that most of the time I do these blog posts with one hand (usually the left) while my other hand is trying to lull my sweet babe to sleep. If I can't think of anything else I can do with one hand that's quiet I usually resort to blogging. So if I misspell something please forgive me! I'm glad I have Tyson to edit the posts and tell me if I misspelled something. I will keep blogging with one hand and inevitably keep misspelling with the same hand!

The Scott Grandchildren

Arranging kids to take a group picture is like trying to herd cats. It's also very entertaining.

First, you have to get them all in one spot.

Second, make sure all accessories are pretty and noticeable, try to keep dresses down, shirts tucked in, and clean any dirty faces.
Third, try to have each child smile at the same time and long enough so you can snap a picture of everyone smiling at once.
Fourth, laugh as each child has their own way of "smiling" and how saying "cheese" means close your eyes.Fifth, be so happy when you get two cute pictures of the kids showing their beautiful smiles and their personalities.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sweet Cousins

Our 6-7 year old nieces sure have the magic touch! (Way to go Nataleigh and Janalee!)
Taryn fell asleep in Nataleigh's arms this past weekend and I think it's just adorable!
These cute girls have a lot to teach me :)

A weekend Wedding

Alyson's wedding was so much fun this past weekend. It was wonderful to see family and to have all the Scott grandchildren together for the first time since Taryn was born. I love my family and how we all have such a great time together. We all live so far apart (and most of us are moving so we will be even farther!) so the time we have together is oh so precious.

Congrats to Alyson and Mike! So happy for you!

P.S. Loved your colors, bouquet and everything!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

baseball and pink dogs

Our nephew Andrew had a baseball game last friday and we went to watch him pitch. It was so cool to see him out there on the field. I can't believe I didn't get a picture of the him playing though.

Taryn and Aunt Janette

Minutes after this picture Taryn was fast asleep in her Daddy's arms

And the pink dog. Tyson sent me a picture while he was at work of a pink dog and told me it was a gift for Taryn from one of his co-workers. I did not expect it to be that big. The picture he sent was only of the face so when he walked through the apartment door my jaw dropped! It's huge! Taryn is a fan :)

Jibber jabber

We had a great conversation. It ended with smiles and lots of kisses

Some Some

Little Janalee has the magic touch
General Conference weekend- oh yes, you were fun and very yummy!

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Sleeping Beauty

I am learning a lot about being a mother. Like the fact that those SWADDLE blankets they sell with velcro work wonders! Velcro swaddle blanket = 7 hours or more of sleep each night with only one feeding during that time. That makes one happy mommy.

If she is needing to go to sleep but the whole rocking her just isn't working, sitting still with her will put her right to sleep 90% of the time- just ask my niece Janalee (picture to come).

It's hard to resist laughing (at the chance of waking a sleeping baby) when Taryn starts to laugh in her sleep while lying in my arms. Her giggles are just too cute.

Tyson and I fight for Taryn's attention to see who can make her smile first- her smiles will melt your heart.

Girl babies should always wear pink or accessories in their hair. That helps avoid the whole "Boy or Girl?" question.

When you're listening to General Conference and they talk about being a mother, father, parents, or helping your children, I will cry...every time... because Tyson and I have just started out on this adventure of parenthood with our little one. She means the world to me and I would do anything for her. We want to help her learn about the Gospel and be a good example of righteous living. We want Taryn to know that we love her and will always love her.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Little T's first Picnic

We headed out to run errands on a perfect day last Saturday. After we finished, Tyson was going to spend the rest of the day at the library so we grabbed lunch and had a picnic on ASU campus (love the LDS Institute building for the shaded/semi-private lawn!)

(I will be getting rid of the grey spaghetti strap shirt. I look 20 pounds heavier than I am. Not flattering at all. arrivederci grey shirt)