Saturday, April 23, 2011

Taryn's Two Months Old!

Yesterday marked two months for this lil gal. We can't believe how much see has grown and changed since Feb. 22. I watched a video we took of her when she was just one week old. She was lying on the floor, perfectly still, just watching me film her and not making a sound. Then I recorded Taryn on the floor during tummy time just a few days ago. She can really move! She kicks her feet and always has her arms moving. She coo's and smiles back now too. She grabs on to some things (mainly my hair) and likes to watch me and Tyson as we go about the room talking. We love our little babe and her little smile, little eyes, little nose, little cry, little stretches, and little feet.

The headband she is wearing has a fun story. A friend gave me a gift from Anthropologie a long time ago (possibly before I was married) and it had a cute fabric tie around it with a single brown button. In my head I thought this would be cute as a hair piece so I saved it, and saved it, and saved it. Did nothing with it until I found out I was pregnant and thought it would make a better baby head band. So I cut a section of the fabric and attached a small piece stretchy material to it. Then I found two other buttons I wasn't using and sewed them on. I really like how it turned out! And I love that it didn't take me long to make it.

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