Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Oh what do you do during a Super Storm?

 Paint your pumpkin

 Go for family walks before the rain starts

 Watch the rain fall from your windows

 Paint with water color

 Wash and fold lots of laundry in preparations for a possible power outage

 Color with our dry erase crayons

 Jump on the bed to release all our energy

 Play catch with Daddy using balls or fake fruit

 Read lots and lots of books

Play with mommy's jewelry

 Drink lots of hot chocolate ( with lots of marshmellows)

 Play anywhere and everywhere with your toys

 Dress really cozy and stay warm because IT"S SO COLD!

 And when you need a break from the inside, you get dressed up in your snow jacket (again, because it is SO COLD!)

 Play outside and jump in all the puddles.

Thank you for all the prayers and thoughts over the past weekend as we dealt with the Super Storm Sandy. Our prayers go out to those who were so badly effected by this natural disaster in our neighboring states. We were safe in our little basement apartment and grateful that we didn't suffer from any damages. We never lost power and had our stock of emergency food and supplies ready. Before and after the storm, we were touched by our neighbors, friends and families who reached out to us and others to make sure everyone was ok. Even though we may have not been surrounded by family (my sister was in Utah) we felt the love and care from our fellow Church members and good friends immediately around us. 
We loved having time as a family to play, dance, laugh, read, and rest together.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Splashing in the puddles with Taryn

We stayed inside almost all day long Monday and Tuesday during "Sandy."
 Getting outside, even in the rain, was a lot of fun!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Friday!

 We are happy to see the weekend! 
This week has been great and we are expecting that to continue through the weekend too! 

Highlights from our week

Taryn became an elephant.
We spent lots of good times with friends.
Many many many hours at the park.
I've taken a zillion pictures of the fall leaves.
Melt my heart, I actually had my camera out to capture one of the best parts of the day, when Daddy comes home.

So much fall fun to come! Hopefully we can get everything in before the rain!
Now, we just have to gather up a few items to complete our Emergency Preparedness supplies before Hurricane Sandy comes to town.
We hope you have a great weekend.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Around 5pm everyday

At about 5pm every day, I catch myself passing the kitchen window and smiling. It's that time when the sun begins to peek over our fence and the rays shine through the golden leaves. This time of day has always been my favorite because it's when the work day is almost over, and plans for the night begin to spin in your head.
For me in this stage of life, I find myself passing the kitchen window as I begin to prepare dinner or tidy up the house. But now matter what I have going on around my little home, the sun peeking through the Autumn leaves always makes me stop, smile, and be grateful for the beauty around our home, like my little toddler :)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pioneer Festival

 Kisses for the cow

 Dressed in our country attire

  Looking for candy in the hay pile

 Watching the cow milking contest

Taryn made a crown to represent the United Kingdom

Our church put on a Pioneer Festival along with an International Festival this past weekend. I can't picture a better area to showcase all the different backgrounds of people than where we live. I have heard so many different languages, have learned about different regions of the world, and soaked up all of the stories of families living abroad. It's really incredible to see and hear about all the experiences that have eventually brought people right here. 
There was piergoi, brazilian rice, egg rolls, German potato salad, and pasta from Italy  just to name a very few of the massive amounts of food. Of course there was cotton candy & hot dogs to represent U.S.A. The country band kept Taryn dancing through the night.
It took about 30 minutes to drive out to the church building and I could have gladly added another 30 minutes. The drive as gorgeous. Autumn colors, wooden bridges (I have never seen so many in one place before!) the beautiful waterfront, and the crisp air. The church sat on a lot that overlooked the water and felt as if we were still in the middle of a forest.  
Tyson and I have talked a lot about how much we feel like when we moved to Arlington, we moved into a forest. There are trees everywhere, so many different birds, butterflies, and funny looking bugs (and our share of creepy ones too). Tyson had never seen a chipmunk before moving here. I know that we have about 20 squirrels and 10 chipmunks that live in our backyard and Taryn loves to chase every one.
This place is beautiful.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Double Date

After some unexpected rain caused us to act fast and change our double date plans, we ended up eating at the Kabob Palace across the street and making Smore's over the stove with Seth & Brittany. 
Being able to put Taryn down on time for bed and still be able to play games after...Perfect.
We'll have to hold off on Georgetown for another double date soon!
Having a sister living a mile away is the best.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Just Beautiful

 We just happened to be playing outside when the wind picked up, making the yellow leaves fall all around us like snow.

I have fallen in love. Autumn is just beautiful here.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meeting P, M & A

When Ashley told me she was making her way into D.C. on Sunday night I was so excited! Ashley and her husband, Peter,  live in Williamsburg, Virginia while Peter attends law school at William & Mary. 3 hours seems so close but yet so far away! Ashley just had her cute little boy, Miles, a few weeks ago (I know, doesn't she look AMAZING!!!!)  and I have been DYING to meet this cute little guy so I jumped at the chance to meet them at the Air and Space Museum on Monday.
He is perfect in every way and it was so good to see Ashley & Peter again too. Can you believe we haven't seen each other for 2 1/2 years (on their wedding day!) AHH! Way to long. We've constantly missed each other by only a few days as we both vacationed to California over the years and it killed me every time! 
It's a great thing that we've kept in touch even thousands of miles apart. 
For me, that's a sign of true friendship.

We're happy we live so much closer to them than before. How crazy is it that these two high school friends are now married with children!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Pumpkin Patch

Saturday I took Taryn to a Pumpkin Patch at Shlagel Farms with some of our friends and loved it! It was the perfect farm for toddlers and babies with a mini petting zoo, mini straw maze with a slide at the end as a reward, a corn box (think-sand box), and playground set.

Our friends, Lynne & Logan

Taryn became so frustrated every time she chose the wrong way on the maze. 

Lynne & Logan, Mandy (can't wait to meet her little boy next month!) and Taryn & me on the tractor ride out to the pumpkin patch.

This must have been hen she locked eyes on "her" pumpkin.

1. Kissing her pumpkin

2. Guarding her pumpkin

3. Smiling with her pumpkin

She wanted to have the pumpkin right next to her on the ride back to the farm

Thanks to Lynne & Logan and Mandy for joining us this past Saturday. It was a great way to spend the day! I know we'll all be back for the strawberries (just freshly planted) next May! And a thanks to Paige for going the week before so she could give us all the info about ho great it was!