Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Pioneer Festival

 Kisses for the cow

 Dressed in our country attire

  Looking for candy in the hay pile

 Watching the cow milking contest

Taryn made a crown to represent the United Kingdom

Our church put on a Pioneer Festival along with an International Festival this past weekend. I can't picture a better area to showcase all the different backgrounds of people than where we live. I have heard so many different languages, have learned about different regions of the world, and soaked up all of the stories of families living abroad. It's really incredible to see and hear about all the experiences that have eventually brought people right here. 
There was piergoi, brazilian rice, egg rolls, German potato salad, and pasta from Italy  just to name a very few of the massive amounts of food. Of course there was cotton candy & hot dogs to represent U.S.A. The country band kept Taryn dancing through the night.
It took about 30 minutes to drive out to the church building and I could have gladly added another 30 minutes. The drive as gorgeous. Autumn colors, wooden bridges (I have never seen so many in one place before!) the beautiful waterfront, and the crisp air. The church sat on a lot that overlooked the water and felt as if we were still in the middle of a forest.  
Tyson and I have talked a lot about how much we feel like when we moved to Arlington, we moved into a forest. There are trees everywhere, so many different birds, butterflies, and funny looking bugs (and our share of creepy ones too). Tyson had never seen a chipmunk before moving here. I know that we have about 20 squirrels and 10 chipmunks that live in our backyard and Taryn loves to chase every one.
This place is beautiful.

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