Monday, April 29, 2013

I blinked, now April is over!

Don't really know where April went, but I know it's been a fun month!

The days have been beautiful and long. 
We spent a great day at the zoo just last week. Taryn was so excited- running around everywhere- watching the animals play. She is growing up so much it's incredible.
Taryn has started to call me "Mom" instead of "mommy" or "mama." This actually breaks my heart. And now Tyson is being called "Dad" instead of "daddy."
 She's just too little to be calling us such grown up names. It makes me feel old.

Tyson is neck deep in school. The other day he came home after a long day and changed into his pajamas. He came out with his shirt on backwards - a true sign that it had been a long day. We laughed until our sides hurt because we know that wrapping up school is only made easier through laughter. Only 3 more weeks of school left!

17 weeks along and I'm feeling great! 
 I can no longer stay awake and functioning past 9:30pm. 
And I used to be able to stay awake while watching a movie with Tyson. 
Yeah- that doesn't happen any more.

We're jumping into May, as it will be a very busy month full of family, BIG events like Graduation, and so much more.

**2 years ago we were in almost the exact same position we are in now (graduation, jobs, baby, moving, lots of decisions to be made!). Maybe that's why I've been relatively more calm this time around. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Clemyjontri Park- "There is something for everyone"

 I can't even tell you how excited I was that this week's playgroup was held at Clemyjontri Park in McLean, VA. I have heard so much about this park since I first moved to the area and jumped for joy when I knew this week we would get the chance. Thanks to our good friend, Steph, we were able to join her and her adorable daughter on this playgroup outing.

This park pulls on my heart strings. Especially as this month is Autism Awareness month around the world.
It's a "unique playground where children of all abilities can play side-by-side. It is a playground where every child is welcome. This park is a place where children who use wheelchairs, walkers or braces, or who have sensory or developmental disabilities, can have a parallel playground experience of fun and exploration. "

 Taryn played all morning long, discovering the fire truck play equipment, jumping into the rocking cars, swinging, and playing the drums. She only asked where the sand was once (her current love) but there is no sand pit. I was actually happy about that today because it made more time for Taryn to explore (and less sand for mommy to remove from her toes & hair later!) The ground is all rubber surfaced for wheelchair access which is great for moms with little babies- just follow your kid around (it's a HUGE park!) and don't worry about the stroller not being able to fit anywhere or getting stuck in the sand.

Anyways...I just loved our outing today. It's always fun to eat lunch with friends, have your kids play together, and discover a new place. I always love that "just got sun" feeling on my face & arms and knowing that Taryn will be out cold in a matter of minutes once we start the drive home. It's such a wonderful thing that there is a park that exists like this. I almost cried when I read about the "Liberty Swing" which allows children confined to wheelchairs the ability to experience what it's like to swing back and forth, at actual swing levels. If I have a child with special needs, I know that this park will mean even more to me as a mom.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

"Hurry, hurry! Hide!!"

Taryn likes to hide from Tyson sometimes before we walks in the door after being gone all day. It's always funny to see where she finds a hiding spot, and how Tyson pretends to look all around the house, even when he can she her tiny toes and legs sticking out from the pillows on the bed.

Last night, as I was talking to Tyson on the phone while he was making his way home, Taryn was finishing dinner. When she realized I was talking to "Daddy" she promptly flipped her plate over (full of food) and began to stuff everything under the plate. She kept whispering to her food, "Hurry, hurry! Hide hide hide! Daddy's coming. Shhh!!!" I guess if you are stuck in a high chair, the next best thing to do is hide your food from Daddy :)

Monday, April 15, 2013

Taking the most out of the Spring

     For the past few weeks, we have only been inside for naps- and that random heavy rain storm- but it cleared up by the afternoon and we were out again. I feel alive again! The sun has brought life back to me and Taryn can spend hours playing in the sand at parks. Taryn has had a bath (or two!) every day to rinse the sand out of her hair or the sunscreen off her arms & legs. She bolts out the door any chance she gets to run around the backyard in the flowers and sunshine. I leave the doors open and wander in & out myself as I grab snacks, a blanket to sit outside with, or just to enjoy the birds chirping and the most amazing Spring scents. Our nightly bed time routine now includes a walk around the neighborhood, exploring the nature around us.
    We discovered the wonder and magic of Haines Point Park on the southeast water front. Located on the end of a peninsula, the sight of water, boats, airplanes taking off & landing at Ronald Regan and of course the thousands of beautiful cherry blossom trees minus the crowds made me "ohhh" and "awww". I was in heaven sitting in the shade, chatting with friends, and watching Taryn at the playground. I would go back in a heart beat. I told Tyson we are due for a family bike ride and Haines Point would be the perfect destination.
    The regular skinned knees have returned for Taryn! Unfortunately, the first big bad one was from Haines Point after she tripped over the uneven ground. It sent Taryn into a full blown meltdown only to be fixed with an afternoon nap and lots of kisses. I know skinned knees are sad, but at the same time, it means she is enjoying her time outside- running and exploring. She's got spunk- that one :)
    We headed to the Tidal Basin once again on Saturday (after the Cherry Blossom parade was a flop for us- too many streets blocked off!!) and enjoyed a picnic with friends. Even though the storm had wiped out most of the delicate white/pink cherry blossom flowers, it was still a gorgeous sight to see.

 I feel like I am taking in the last few moments of an era. In just 5 short weeks, Tyson will have a Master's and schooling as we know it will be finished (...for the time being). Our time with close friends is coming to an end and the big world is just around the corner. I've become very calm about all of this in the past few weeks which is so strange for the worry wart in me. We don't know what we will be doing 6 weeks from now, but I know from the past that we will do it together- our little growing family.   

Thursday, April 11, 2013

This little miss

The first flowers of spring in our backyard- Taken almost 1 month ago. Our backyard is now swimming in beautiful flowers. We have now packed away our winter coats! Yeah!

Mom's rain boots

Stink eye (with her injured eye)

She ate almost the whole bowl of broccoli before dinner even began (again with the injured eye)

And a little sad temper tantrum for Taryn.
What happened to the peaceful little one whom (I thought) was over meltdowns???!!!
I'm learning to tame this new 2 year old sassy-ness

Monday, April 8, 2013

Cherry Blossom Walks and General Conference Weekend

We met up with Tyson on Friday to take a peek at the cherry blossoms around the Tidal Basin. There ended up only being a few trees in bloom (Taryn and I will probably go back later this week) but the weather was perfect (but a bit windy) and taking the time to do the whole walk around the Basin was amazing. I was able to see the George Mason memorial, Martin Luther King Jr. memorial, the Jefferson Memorial and FDR's memorial all for the first time that I can remember since being here when I was 12 with my family.

 Taryn followed a duck around as it swam in the water and loved throwing broken sticks in the lake amidst the 12 billion that were already floating.

 So windy we couldn't keep Tyson's hood down for the photo

 There were many people there but I didn't feel as if it were too crowded. I saw a picture from Saturday/Sunday and was SO GLAD we went during the weekday - late in the day. The setting sun made for  great pictures.


 "Two ducks, mommy!"

Taryn was determined to see Jefferson, and climbed up the steps twice, once with Tys and once with me. She was all about her echo inside and trying to touch the top of the tall pillars.

This weekend was a breakthrough in weather for us. We spent the weekend at home watching General Conference for our church, taking lots of walks outside as a family, and playing at the parks in 75 degrees. We are saying goodbye to our winter jackets, clothes & stuffy closed toed shoes and hello to rainbow sandals (YES!), sun hats, sun screen, shorts, and skirts! I have been dreaming about the ocean for over a week. Maybe we will go visit one of the East coast oceans this summer?

I so enjoyed walking hand in hand with Tyson as Taryn skipped ahead finding rocks and sticks, chasing squirrels and birds, and occasionally squeezing in between us to hold our hands.

Our backyard is in full bloom so we've been spending all of our time back there. Today Taryn helped me load up our picnic basket and we ate our lunches on our picnic blanket with the surrounding flowers. I could have possibly gotten some good vitamin D too :)

P.S. I am super bummed about our cameras dying. And these next few months are going to be big ones (Graduation for Tyson!, summer! etc...) I don't know how but I got the last living breathes out of my Canon camera for the cherry blossoms- I really don't know how I got it to work but I am so glad I brought it just in case. So I am trying to be super creative to figure out picture taking so bare with me if my post are non existent or picture less for a bit.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

A special surprise in the mail for Taryn

You know you have amazing family members when they do something for you that may seem little to everyone else but means the WORLD to you. Remember this sad post about Taryn loosing her "little baby?" I cried. She cried. Tyson was devastated. After posting the little story on this blog, my sister in-law texted me and said, "Don't buy another doll! I have one just like it that my girls don't play with. It will be in the mail tomorrow!" I got that text and almost cried. (It had already been a pretty emotional week for me) I was so thankful for her kindness and understanding of the situation.

When the box came a week later I couldn't contain my excitement! Taryn helped me open it and once she saw what was inside screamed, "BABY!!!!" picked up the doll and gave baby the biggest longest hug. It looks just like the one that Taryn had. She went right to put her to sleep (as if traveling in a box across the country wasn't enough rest?!! hehe!)

She loves her "baby" and takes care of her so well. It has been great practice for her and her new sibling due in October. Tyson taught her how to hold a baby and pass her gently to mommy and daddy. She has taken that lesson very seriously. She gently hands baby to me or daddy and watches us carefully to make sure baby is ok. It's precious. She opened letters from her cousins and I pulled out a homemade display chalkboard for holidays, birthdays, and basically every day with homemade magnets. I wish I was that creative and talented!!!!

Performing with her Elmo puppets. 

My sister in-law also included this homemade puppet theater that hangs in a door frame. She had seen me "pin" it on Pinterest and decided to make it for us.  We have fallen in love with it. Taryn calls it her "pretty dress" and always wants it hung up. We're happy that we purchased the cutest finger puppets from the Eastern Market not too long ago because they are perfect for Taryn (and me & Tyson) to perform with. Really- any stuffed animal would do too.

I want to be better at doing things for others. Tyson and I have had so many great examples in our life and we've learned so much about going above and beyond for those around you ...or across the country :)

Monday, April 1, 2013

A wonderful Easter Weekend for our little family

Starting on Friday, this weekend was just amazing. We loved every minute of it!
Friday was the last official Story Time at the Library of Congress. We met up with Paige & Lynne and their cute kiddos, Ada & Logan. The kids loved it and while they were busy playing with the abundant toys an bubbles after the story time had completed, us moms got to catch up with one another. Nothing like great socializing to start your weekend off right! Plus, someone brought Thin mint cookies as part of the "Goodbye" refreshment spread for the wonderful Ms. Summer who has done an amazing job at story time. I have learned a lot from her and will use her example as I start a preschool co-op tomorrow for Taryn. Woohoo!

Saturday was our Ward Easter Brunch/Egg Hunt. It was a beautiful day outside and Taryn caught on right away that those pretty colorful eggs in the grass go straight into her bucket. And she was a fast little one- I had to gently guide her to other eggs before she scooped them up from younger kids! Watch out, she's got an agenda! She kept telling me that her bucket was "So heavy!" Our friend Lynne joined me with her son Logan which was so fun. Thanks to her, I have pictures from that morning because sadly, our second camera (this one was Tyson's originally) broke (not because of little toddler hands this time- I think it was just getting old. Bummer)

Once Tyson got to the Brunch after helping our friends move, we caught up with friends and took a nice walk home. Taryn fell asleep very early for her nap and stayed asleep for such a LONG time. Which meant I got to take a little nap too! Tyson biked to the library while we slept and caught up on lots of school work --Yay for being able to bike without getting rained on etc...!!!. We met up again at a park late in the afternoon (seriously she slept for ever!) The weather was so perfect all day long.What better way to end a Saturday but with frozen yogurt!? A new place opened up about 1 mile from our house. It is the best place we have found out here for frozen yogurt- Tutti Fruitti.

 Poor quality but our Mac iphoto Booth will have to do until we can replace/fix our camera(s)

We hosted my sister and brother in-law for Easter dinner. I had to get super creative and figure out how to prepare a ham and funeral potatoes at the same time with no oven! But it worked- thanks to my crock pot and toaster oven. It was a blast to have them over and just like my oldest sister says, when two or more Scott's are gathered in one place- it's a party! I'm so glad I have my sister close by to party with :)

 I love that I can smell all the flowers in the air when I walk outside. Tyson and Taryn spent a good portion of Saturday night looking & listening for birds- so glad it doesn't get dark until almost 8pm! I really feel like we live in a forest that just happens to have houses all around. We see so many birds, squirrels, chipmunks etc.... it's amazing. I love this newness of Spring. And oh the flowers! I can't get enough of them! They are popping up everywhere in the most beautiful shades of yellow, blue, orange, red, purple! I am in love! Virginia does well in the springtime :) This weekend was magical really. We were able to spend so much time together as a family of three and that never happens. And we were still super productive- Tyson with school work and preparing his talk, doing some spontaneous spring cleaning altogether, preparing my "fill in" mini talk late Saturday night when another girl started having contractions and couldn't fulfill her commitment to speak, and teaching Taryn more about her letters.
Happy Spring!