Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Her little baby

Taryn loves her little baby so much. She changes her diaper, asking me to give her a wipe and diaper. Once she is done eating, she gets down from her high chair and feeds "Baby." She puts her to sleep and after will come over and whisper to me that "Baby sleeping" and she tells me to "shhh.." For whatever reason, she prefers to be inside her crib when playing with her "baby." One day, she asked to play with her doll inside her crib, so I put her in, kept the two doors to her room open, and finished things around the house. Taryn was playing with her doll for an hour! She has repeated this several times since!

Now here is a little sad story. I NEVER let Taryn take toys out of the house (to the park, to church, ANYWHERE!) but on Monday we were going to meet our cousins who had just arrived in town at the nearby metro (10 min. walk from my house) Taryn was clutching the doll previously and she came along for the stroller ride. I thought, "oh well, it will be a really short trip." And by the time we got home, the doll was gone. My BIL even retraced our steps several times. I was crushed. Tyson was crushed. And once Taryn realized that "baby" was missing, she was crushed. I actually started crying this morning as she cried too, telling me, "Mommy, I be right back" and tried to go find it outside in the backyard. It took a lot of distracting to get her (and me!) back together again. It's just one of the items you know that you can't replace. So I am super sad that "baby" is no longer apart of our lives. I even told Tyson I had a dream about making posters for a "Missing Doll." So sad!

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  1. That is so sad. I believe we have that exact s and doll... Q and B do not play with. Don't buy a new one and I will send it tomorrow!!