Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Littles and Olders- each having their own adventure

Tyson and the Booths spent the next few days at the  National History Museum, National Archives, eating Pi Pizza and apple pie on 3.14, going to the International Spy Museum (a favorite of everyone's) and getting the last tour of the Old Post Office Clock Tower before it closed for the day (one of the greatest views of D.C. I have found- and it's a free elevator ride to the top- don't know how long that will last now that Donald Trump has purchased it with big plans.)

Tyson and I also got to have a date night with Ken and Janette!!!!! I can tell you when our last real date was (sans our little Tarbear) but I won't- because I think that would be embarrassing- ya- it's been that long. Thanks to amazing nieces and nephews who don't mind eating pizza (over and over again!) and watching movies with our little 2 year old, we were able to go out.  When we got home, Jayden (17 yrs old) said, "Sorry, we made a mess. But we had fun!" I loved that our house was a mess- and that they had fun- and that they still wanted to eat pizza again and again :)

The Cousins table above the Pizzeria

On Friday we started our slow day (oh so needed!) with lunch at We The Pizza (can't get enough of their Colletti's BBQ pizza- YUM!)  From there, we split our group into Olders & Littles. The Olders group went to the Holocaust Museum.

***FYI to anyone traveling to the D.C. area from March to July. Get tickets 5 months in advance for the Holocaust. Otherwise you will have to wait in line at 8:30am (and it doesn't even open til 10am- I am NOT joking around. Tickets are given at a first come first served bases) If you look far enough in advance, you can reserve tickets for $1.00 per ticket. (tickets to the museum are free- but limited) LUCKILY!!!!!!!! Tyson works for the federal government and has passes available to him at all times (PHEW!!!! That saved me!!!!!!) So all the Olders group had to do was wait in the security line- which is long but they were still guaranteed tickets when they got in. SWEET! and saved us a few dollars too :)

The littles- (Janette, me, Taryn, Caleb and Janalee) had ourselves a littles adventure. We visited the National Botanic Gardens where we smelled all sorts of herbs and spices from their gardens and around the world, gazed at beautiful orchids and spent the rest of our time in the imagiNATIONs section of the American Indian Museum.

 The were soaking wet after playing with this little water fall.

imagiNATIONs Children's Exhibit

Building the iglu together was one of my favorite things of the entire week!

It was a beautiful day outside! 
We met the Olders group in the middle of the Mall as herds of people exited the closing museums around us. Good thing we took our time taking pictures, wrapping up important business calls,  calming cranky toddlers who just woke up (me &Tys) and changing diapers (again- me & Tys)  because the Metro's would have been a crazy adventure to get through!

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  1. Such fun! It looks like you guys had a great time. I wonderful for the Booths to come and spend some time with you. When family or friends come to our home for the first time, we suddenly don't feel so far away.
    Good for you.