Thursday, August 29, 2013

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Taryn must have known that this would be one of the last times we played at the Splash Park before it closed until next summer. She was soaking in every moment of water play and loving every second of it. Water makes this girl so happy and we're grateful for our friends who have shared so many memories here with us and at their apartment pools this summer. It's going to be hard to explain to Taryn that the water won't return until next year!!!
 I spotted the first shades of fall leaves while at the park just this week. Summer is wrapping up quickly! We're excited for this holiday weekend and some extra family time together as we explore some new places around us. 
Happy Labor Day Weekend!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

They like to play checkers

"Let's play checkers!" says Taryn. 
So we get the game out but it's not mommy who's asked to play with her. 
It's Daddy. 
I love that these two can sit there forever and play. Tyson coaches Taryn's every move and she does just what he says. At the end of her turn, she loves to jump up and show me one of Daddy's pieces that she has claimed. It's her prized possession at that moment. 
Tyson is quite happy with her love of the game. 

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Spur of the moment picnic dinner - it came together with luck!

The idea hit me sometime in the middle of the day. I didn't really acknowledge it right away but then when Tyson called to tell me he was on his way home, I had one hour (his commute time) to throw everything together for a picnic. Not a big deal, unless you badly need to go grocery shopping as I did. Throwing those two projects together was a bit risky. 
But Taryn sat in the grocery cart for the entire trip- THE WHOLE TIME! That NEVER happens!!! So I was able to zip and zoom all through the store, throwing this and that in my cart, checking off my list, and making sure I had the extra items for our special picnic dinner. It was a little touch and go for a few minutes when the pen I had to check off my list- the same one Taryn was using to color on my list- decided to give up the ink and die. I admit, I panicked for a bit. "How am I going to get the other hald of my list in time??" The 5 extra pens I ALWAYS carry with me were in the other purse. Of course! But, Taryn was an angel and pulled through all by herself leaving me to get back to my list. 
I still can't believe it all came together so nicely. 

 After eating a lot of yummy meatballs and grapes, this girl got down in the dirt to sift for rocks. The evidence remained on her little face. And I believe she was quite proud of it. 

Still dirty- faced Taryn and Tys right before we packed up the dinner and played for the rest of the daylight at the park.

Sometimes when it may seem impossible or like a horribly bad idea to rush things and pull something together, it ends up being one of the sweetest memories you could have created. 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

7 more weeks and thinking about our next move

Taryn's flowers sat beautifully in our kitchen window & on our kitchen table during these past few weeks. They did a wonderful job of brightening up our little apartment.

That face! It seems like she has a new one every time!
Taryn waited for the train on her Daddy- daughter date ever so patiently a few weeks ago. 

I think we are catching up with life and although I would like to say things have settled down, my mind is spinning with what is coming up for our little family in the next few months. I can't believe Fall is almost here. Yes- I am starting to let myself think about hot chocolate, fall leaves and pumpkins....and oh ya...this little one who will be joining us in just 7 weeks.

I do have to say that the weather has been a dream lately. I think every pregnant lady would wish for an August like ours. 70 to 80 degrees, cool breezes and no humidity. I just feel like this has been one giant gift to me :) 

Moving is on our radar to knock down the hour commute Tyson has to work each way to hopefully 7 minutes or less. We are nothing but excited about the area we are looking into. Now just to find the right fit. For the first time, we don't feel a huge rush on picking out a place to live besides the fact that 4 people might be quite snug in our current one bedroom apartment (which we converted into a somewhat studio-ish place for us with Taryn in her own room.)
 We've moved 4 times in almost 4 years of marriage and each has been a very different experience. Renting sight unseen from across the country, picking our apartment after being in Italy for only one day, following friends who were moving for a great discount etc... I will sit back and appreciate the fact that we can tour our potential apartment ahead of time and we aren't rushed into making a decision to fight off 200 other students looking for an apartment.

  Adding another little person to our family is only beginning to settle in my mind as we work out the "little" details. I'm starting to become sentimental with my time spent with Taryn, this one on one time that we've had for so long. I worry about how she will adapt to a new sibling, even though when I see her interact with any baby she is the most tender loving girl. I know that all won't sunshine and sprinkles- siblings have a way of showing their love in funny ways- like not sharing, pushing, fighting.... but I am trying to focus on the good parts and be hopeful for those breakthrough moments of sibling love. 

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sunshine through the clouds

Little by little, it feels like we are returning to normal.

Today, Taryn started walking without being held up, without crying, and did so all on her own will.
It made me want to cry with happiness.
Taryn started laughing and smiling- it's the best medicine I can think of. 
She's also eating. I rejoice as I count every bite of plain pasta she puts in her mouth, or every slice of cheese. I can't wait to see her skinny frame back to where it was before. 

With this beautiful weather we've been having, we decided to all get some fresh air and head to the park to see how things went with Taryn. 
It was the best idea ever. She played, laughed, and explored as if nothing had ever happened. 

Our little girl is getting better!!

I got to clean up around the house, trying to put things back in order. I felt like vacuuming and washing dishes was my medicine. Therapeutic even. 

Tyson spent all yesterday running errands for me and Taryn. It has been the biggest help having him here and we are savoring our last days with him. He was excited to help get things done - love him!

Tyson got a job! 
In the middle of everything last week, Tyson signed the papers and made it all official.  He has worked so hard for this. 
He made it his full time job to find a job ever since graduating in May. Endless Excel spread sheets charting which places he had applied to and interviewed at etc...
He spent his days in the one little room we have searching, applying, interviewing over the phone (during the initial interviews) and setting up Networking meetings. He was proactive and hard working.
 I am so proud of him. 

There was some brief rain this morning but when we stepped outside, the sun gently poked through the clouds and the cool breeze made me grateful for these sweet peaceful moments in life. 

Monday, August 12, 2013

4 doctors, an Urgent Care, and an ER visit - not a fun 11 days for the Smiths

   I struggle on how to fully express all that our little Taryn has gone through these past 11 days.

After 3 days of a very high temperature, we took Taryn to the doctor, only to be told to let things run their course. By day 6, Tyson and I were beyond worried that our once active & happy girl had been  sick and lethargic for far too long.
   When we finally found ourselves at the E.R. on Saturday, we had seen 4 doctors, been turned away from two doctors because they could not perform the proper tests needed, one nurse who literally laughed at me and told me "Kids get sick & have fevers! It will be ok", Taryn had been poked & prodded 5 times to try and get even the tinniest sample of blood to be tested, her temperature had soared to 105, and she had to endure a catheter test to get a urine sample. 
Our poor little girl. 
She was miserable 
(a complete understatement)

She has a kidney infection caused by a U.T.I.
Now, I have had a U.T.I before, in fact, I am just recovering from my 2nd one in 3 years right now (pregnancy causes all sorts of fun things for me!) But Taryn did not have all the regular symptoms of what I know to look for in a U.T.I. In fact, if it had not been for her crazy high temperature- we wouldn't have known anything was wrong. She did occasionally say that it hurt her to go to the bathroom in her diaper- but she didn't start complaining about it until deep into this past fever filled week- too late to catch it in time before it had gotten worse. 

I know some may know what it's like to feel like you are sitting on the sidelines, as you  watch your child suffering- feeling like you can't do anything. It has got to be one of the worst feelings in the world. It just makes you want to cry every second of the day. 

Her first three rounds/3 days of antibiotic treatments included what the nurses called "The Big Shot." They had to split the dosage into 2 shots each time- given in each thigh. Could you imagine at that age having to get shots that hurt so bad you couldn't walk? Taryn would cry out in pain any time she had to put pressure on her legs. She constantly tells Tyson and me that she can't walk, though we know that's what's best for her & her muscles to overcome this.

Thank goodness Tyson was alongside Taryn & me the entire time- through every doctor's appointment,  helping me hold her down while they poked her for tests & to give shots, to be such a big emotional support through this all. I don't know what it would have been like to have to face it alone. 

Our little girl's lip would start quivering anytime we entered into another doctor's office and ask to go take a nap at home. When a nurse or doctor entered our E.R. room, she would promptly say, 
"BYE!! BYE!!" with tears in her eyes.
As a sign to us that she wanted nothing to do with anybody in scrubs. 

We are happy that she is finally being treated for the correct infection, that she is getting a little better everyday, her color is starting to come back, she is actually eating a little bit again, she has started smiling and playing a little bit again, and that she doesn't hate Tyson & me for holding her down & subjecting her to all of this horrible testing. 

We are grateful for all the support, prayers, and love we received from so many over the course of this roller coaster. We have learned so much through all of this and it will sound super cheesy but our little family has grown so much closer. I love Taryn and Tyson with all my heart
*Sorry- no pictures for this post. It just makes me sad to think about how sick she was. Tyson started getting sick again too.  Plus- I found out I was allergic to Amoxicillin this week and I wouldn't have let a camera even try to focus on me for anything. The nurses & doctor's were not only worried about Taryn, but had to ask if I was ok too. 
And I quote, 
E.R. Nurse to B- "You are definitely having a reaction to something!!"
E.R. Doctor - "Has anyone in the family been sick? What's going on over here??!" (pointing at my red blotchy spotted skin from head to toe)
E.R. Patient Advocate- "I'm not a doctor- but that's a rash!!! What happened!?" 

And one of my favorite quotes from the doctors concerning Taryn, 
"This is just a case of really bad luck."
So glad we are all on the mend!

Monday, August 5, 2013

"Who's turn is it?"

Tyson and I have a new niece who was born just yesterday in Arizona!!

  sweet little Harper

 Her birth marks just 2 more months until Baby #2 arrives. 

 Sleeping away the sickness
Taryn has a bad cold she got from Tyson who got it from a friend. Sickness is the worst when it spreads through family. Thankfully (??) I am on antibiotics for an infection so I haven't gotten sick this time and therefore have been able to take care of the two sickies better. (Being pregnant, I get sick any time someone coughs around me- so maybe I could say this recent infection is a blessing??)

Over the weekend we got together with my sister & brother-in-law to play Phase Ten and eat dessert. We had such a great time- Brittany & I talked through the whole card game while Tyson & Seth paid close attention to every card move made and had to gently remind us that it was our turn.... again.... and again. Oops :) 
It's a good thing that Tyson knows I'm not competitive when it comes to games and I just like to play for the love of it- he's so good to me (and patient!)