Monday, August 5, 2013

"Who's turn is it?"

Tyson and I have a new niece who was born just yesterday in Arizona!!

  sweet little Harper

 Her birth marks just 2 more months until Baby #2 arrives. 

 Sleeping away the sickness
Taryn has a bad cold she got from Tyson who got it from a friend. Sickness is the worst when it spreads through family. Thankfully (??) I am on antibiotics for an infection so I haven't gotten sick this time and therefore have been able to take care of the two sickies better. (Being pregnant, I get sick any time someone coughs around me- so maybe I could say this recent infection is a blessing??)

Over the weekend we got together with my sister & brother-in-law to play Phase Ten and eat dessert. We had such a great time- Brittany & I talked through the whole card game while Tyson & Seth paid close attention to every card move made and had to gently remind us that it was our turn.... again.... and again. Oops :) 
It's a good thing that Tyson knows I'm not competitive when it comes to games and I just like to play for the love of it- he's so good to me (and patient!) 

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