Wednesday, August 21, 2013

7 more weeks and thinking about our next move

Taryn's flowers sat beautifully in our kitchen window & on our kitchen table during these past few weeks. They did a wonderful job of brightening up our little apartment.

That face! It seems like she has a new one every time!
Taryn waited for the train on her Daddy- daughter date ever so patiently a few weeks ago. 

I think we are catching up with life and although I would like to say things have settled down, my mind is spinning with what is coming up for our little family in the next few months. I can't believe Fall is almost here. Yes- I am starting to let myself think about hot chocolate, fall leaves and pumpkins....and oh ya...this little one who will be joining us in just 7 weeks.

I do have to say that the weather has been a dream lately. I think every pregnant lady would wish for an August like ours. 70 to 80 degrees, cool breezes and no humidity. I just feel like this has been one giant gift to me :) 

Moving is on our radar to knock down the hour commute Tyson has to work each way to hopefully 7 minutes or less. We are nothing but excited about the area we are looking into. Now just to find the right fit. For the first time, we don't feel a huge rush on picking out a place to live besides the fact that 4 people might be quite snug in our current one bedroom apartment (which we converted into a somewhat studio-ish place for us with Taryn in her own room.)
 We've moved 4 times in almost 4 years of marriage and each has been a very different experience. Renting sight unseen from across the country, picking our apartment after being in Italy for only one day, following friends who were moving for a great discount etc... I will sit back and appreciate the fact that we can tour our potential apartment ahead of time and we aren't rushed into making a decision to fight off 200 other students looking for an apartment.

  Adding another little person to our family is only beginning to settle in my mind as we work out the "little" details. I'm starting to become sentimental with my time spent with Taryn, this one on one time that we've had for so long. I worry about how she will adapt to a new sibling, even though when I see her interact with any baby she is the most tender loving girl. I know that all won't sunshine and sprinkles- siblings have a way of showing their love in funny ways- like not sharing, pushing, fighting.... but I am trying to focus on the good parts and be hopeful for those breakthrough moments of sibling love. 

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  1. After a month or two, all 3 of you will wonder how on earth you could have been happy without such a wonderful little baby with you. You'll likely have a lot more tantrums from Taryn, but she'll figure it out, just like you will. We're having a pretty nice summer now too (for the last 2 weeks!).