Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sunshine through the clouds

Little by little, it feels like we are returning to normal.

Today, Taryn started walking without being held up, without crying, and did so all on her own will.
It made me want to cry with happiness.
Taryn started laughing and smiling- it's the best medicine I can think of. 
She's also eating. I rejoice as I count every bite of plain pasta she puts in her mouth, or every slice of cheese. I can't wait to see her skinny frame back to where it was before. 

With this beautiful weather we've been having, we decided to all get some fresh air and head to the park to see how things went with Taryn. 
It was the best idea ever. She played, laughed, and explored as if nothing had ever happened. 

Our little girl is getting better!!

I got to clean up around the house, trying to put things back in order. I felt like vacuuming and washing dishes was my medicine. Therapeutic even. 

Tyson spent all yesterday running errands for me and Taryn. It has been the biggest help having him here and we are savoring our last days with him. He was excited to help get things done - love him!

Tyson got a job! 
In the middle of everything last week, Tyson signed the papers and made it all official.  He has worked so hard for this. 
He made it his full time job to find a job ever since graduating in May. Endless Excel spread sheets charting which places he had applied to and interviewed at etc...
He spent his days in the one little room we have searching, applying, interviewing over the phone (during the initial interviews) and setting up Networking meetings. He was proactive and hard working.
 I am so proud of him. 

There was some brief rain this morning but when we stepped outside, the sun gently poked through the clouds and the cool breeze made me grateful for these sweet peaceful moments in life. 

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