Monday, August 12, 2013

4 doctors, an Urgent Care, and an ER visit - not a fun 11 days for the Smiths

   I struggle on how to fully express all that our little Taryn has gone through these past 11 days.

After 3 days of a very high temperature, we took Taryn to the doctor, only to be told to let things run their course. By day 6, Tyson and I were beyond worried that our once active & happy girl had been  sick and lethargic for far too long.
   When we finally found ourselves at the E.R. on Saturday, we had seen 4 doctors, been turned away from two doctors because they could not perform the proper tests needed, one nurse who literally laughed at me and told me "Kids get sick & have fevers! It will be ok", Taryn had been poked & prodded 5 times to try and get even the tinniest sample of blood to be tested, her temperature had soared to 105, and she had to endure a catheter test to get a urine sample. 
Our poor little girl. 
She was miserable 
(a complete understatement)

She has a kidney infection caused by a U.T.I.
Now, I have had a U.T.I before, in fact, I am just recovering from my 2nd one in 3 years right now (pregnancy causes all sorts of fun things for me!) But Taryn did not have all the regular symptoms of what I know to look for in a U.T.I. In fact, if it had not been for her crazy high temperature- we wouldn't have known anything was wrong. She did occasionally say that it hurt her to go to the bathroom in her diaper- but she didn't start complaining about it until deep into this past fever filled week- too late to catch it in time before it had gotten worse. 

I know some may know what it's like to feel like you are sitting on the sidelines, as you  watch your child suffering- feeling like you can't do anything. It has got to be one of the worst feelings in the world. It just makes you want to cry every second of the day. 

Her first three rounds/3 days of antibiotic treatments included what the nurses called "The Big Shot." They had to split the dosage into 2 shots each time- given in each thigh. Could you imagine at that age having to get shots that hurt so bad you couldn't walk? Taryn would cry out in pain any time she had to put pressure on her legs. She constantly tells Tyson and me that she can't walk, though we know that's what's best for her & her muscles to overcome this.

Thank goodness Tyson was alongside Taryn & me the entire time- through every doctor's appointment,  helping me hold her down while they poked her for tests & to give shots, to be such a big emotional support through this all. I don't know what it would have been like to have to face it alone. 

Our little girl's lip would start quivering anytime we entered into another doctor's office and ask to go take a nap at home. When a nurse or doctor entered our E.R. room, she would promptly say, 
"BYE!! BYE!!" with tears in her eyes.
As a sign to us that she wanted nothing to do with anybody in scrubs. 

We are happy that she is finally being treated for the correct infection, that she is getting a little better everyday, her color is starting to come back, she is actually eating a little bit again, she has started smiling and playing a little bit again, and that she doesn't hate Tyson & me for holding her down & subjecting her to all of this horrible testing. 

We are grateful for all the support, prayers, and love we received from so many over the course of this roller coaster. We have learned so much through all of this and it will sound super cheesy but our little family has grown so much closer. I love Taryn and Tyson with all my heart
*Sorry- no pictures for this post. It just makes me sad to think about how sick she was. Tyson started getting sick again too.  Plus- I found out I was allergic to Amoxicillin this week and I wouldn't have let a camera even try to focus on me for anything. The nurses & doctor's were not only worried about Taryn, but had to ask if I was ok too. 
And I quote, 
E.R. Nurse to B- "You are definitely having a reaction to something!!"
E.R. Doctor - "Has anyone in the family been sick? What's going on over here??!" (pointing at my red blotchy spotted skin from head to toe)
E.R. Patient Advocate- "I'm not a doctor- but that's a rash!!! What happened!?" 

And one of my favorite quotes from the doctors concerning Taryn, 
"This is just a case of really bad luck."
So glad we are all on the mend!


  1. What a traumatizing 11 days. I am glad that you are all on the mend both physically and emotionally. Talk to you soon!

  2. Yikes! Hope things are looking up!! Also, I'm allergic to Amoxicillin too. Twinners :)

  3. Not fun at all! As an E.R. nurse I never loved giving a catheter to a kid, but from a clinical point of view it's necessary when they've got that high of a fever. Stinks though. I promised myself that I'd never take my kids to the ER so that I wouldn't have to be on the parent end of those "procedures". You're tougher than me. The Lord gives us courage and also good husbands to help us when it's tough! Hope you all get better soon.