Thursday, September 23, 2010

My lil' Red Wagon

I needed help. Something to carry my laundry and groceries to and from the laundry machines and my car. But what? The baskets seemed to get heavier and heavier every week as my once-a-week laundry day drew near. And the groceries....oh man....let me just say that I think every time I left the grocery store, the temperature jumped up 20 degrees! And it was already past 100 degrees! Yikes!
A wagon! Yes! A wagon would be the perfect solution! The only problem....cost.... Do you know how much a new Radio Flyer wagon costs? Or any type of wagon for that matter! Let's just say it was WAY out of our budget. So I looked through Craig's List but nothing grabbed me. I saw an awesome Radio Flyer wagon for $1.00 but it was about 50 min - 1 hour away from me and I would spend more money just on gas there and back. Who knows why they were selling a wagon for a dollar anyway...shady I passed.
I was told there was an estate sale close by and that I might be able to pick up some baby items there. Perfect! I was expecting baby books, maybe some toys I could disinfect etc... While I browsed the house I made my way to the garage and spotted....

this beauty!!! My eyes were fixed on it! My smile grew from ear to ear. Checked the price. Done! AMAZING selling price within our budget. I asked the ladies to hold it aside to be sure to claim my prize as I continued to shop around. I had found it! And it would be just the right size for two laundry baskets full of clothes and many many grocery bags! One of the best purchases I think I will ever make! Not only can I use it now while heavy lifting is becoming harder and harder, but this wagon will be perfect for pulling our lil' guy around when he gets bigger!

Some other great finds...

These awesome children's books. I knew I was going to have a boy! I picked these up days before we went to the Dr.'s and found out we were having a boy!
We have been talking about a coffee table for the front room and these beauties were sooo cheap! Perfect ottomans. We love them! ( everything is a little off center in this picture because we had to move the couch around the other day- it's not that I have a bad eye for things being centered!)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Little Baby ....

The baby's spine

The baby's very very long legs!

Kinda creepy looking, but I wanted to show our baby's face

Tyson's personal favorite. The foot. He counted the bones to make sure there were 5 on each foot!

The arms. One of my favorites. The technician said every time she moved the wand over to the baby's profile to get a picture our baby would move his hands right in front of his face and then start punching me! He's a boxer! (and apparently a little camera shy)


We are so excited for our baby boy! Tyson came with me to find out the gender of our baby. He watched the screen as the technician took measurements and pictures. Our little boy is definitly a lively lil' guy. I feel him moving, kicking, and punching all the time. We are so happy! Still looking to be due around Feb. 21st (they actually moved it up about 3 days to the 18th) but you can never be sure!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Moving' right along

Just last night I was talking with my parents on the phone as I laid on the bed. All of a sudden I felt a "flutter" like a little fishy moving quickly in it's fish bowl. I wanted to be so still, hoping to feel it again so that I could determine if what I felt was baby or just stomach gruggles. Soon enough there was another, and another. Just little movements but so precious. I was so excited! This is the first time I have been able to feel our baby move around. I stayed there for 20 minutes just talking and feeling the little moves. Life is a miracle taking place right inside of me! One week until we find out Boy/Girl!


Sunday night we took a stroll around Tempe Town Lake and saw the September 11, 2001 memorial. There were 3,000 flags placed in the ground and most had tags attached that identified one person either from one of the airplanes or one of the Trade Center buildings and told a brief history about them. It was great to go there and remember.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Ted's Hot Dogs on a Labor Day

The Order:
1 bratwurst with sauerkraut and mustard
1 hotdog with pickle and ketchup
2 Loganberry Juices (the "glorified kool-aid of New York")
1 Fry
1 Onion rings
ohhh yaa
We've heard lots of rave reviews about Ted's and because we live about 5 steps from it, and see it on our commute to almost everywhere, we had to stop by. Why not on Labor Day? There was barely anyone there which was great because we drove past it two weeks ago and it was jam packed! Good hot dogs and brats! I usually don't care too much for onion rings but they have special ones...they are so fun to eat! Yum!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Pigeons Must Hate Me

I don't know what I ever did to deserve this. Pure hatred from a pigeon! And it's not just one...oh no...let me tell you!

I think I started to notice this pure hatred last year while I was studying abroad in Italy. And I thought New York had a lot of rat birds. There were 5 pigeons for every tourist at least!

We were in Venice headed to the Duomo. We walked through the famous St. Mark's square where one of my favorite movie opening scene was filmed (Italian Job). Mackenzie and I were entranced- loving every minute of this adventure. There was a gathering of people that seemed to be growing- mostly tourists- and they just happened to be in our way to the entrance of the beautiful duomo.

(The scene of the crime right before)

As we got closer it was apparent that all the hub-bub was caused by pigeons. I still don't know why grown adults find it so much fun to feed these disgusting animals. Gross. But everyone was laughing and trying there hand at it. Our group squeezed on by, and I was trying to avoid stepping on these birds that covered the ground when.... WHACK!!! right in the face!!!! Smacked by a pigeon!!!! Gross gross and grosser! Seriously I think I poured on the Purell hand sanitizer and rubbed it everywhere!! ugh....
After we had gone inside the Duomo some of the girls decided to feed the pigeons. And this is what resulted...

The other day I was in my car driving down the freeway at about 70mph when ...WHACK!!! out of no where this pigeon (or at least that's what I could make of the smear ) hit my driver's side window after hitting my side mirror. It terrified me because that split second before it hit I thought it was a giant rock or something that was going to break the window and hit me hard. I'm pretty sure that bird died because some of it's remains were on my car. And it wasn't my fault! It hit me!
Maybe I said something to offend them. Maybe I looked crossly at one. And they spread the word to each other..."Hit Brianna, poop on Brianna, leave presents on her car"...I bet that's how they do it...