Thursday, September 23, 2010

My lil' Red Wagon

I needed help. Something to carry my laundry and groceries to and from the laundry machines and my car. But what? The baskets seemed to get heavier and heavier every week as my once-a-week laundry day drew near. And the groceries....oh man....let me just say that I think every time I left the grocery store, the temperature jumped up 20 degrees! And it was already past 100 degrees! Yikes!
A wagon! Yes! A wagon would be the perfect solution! The only problem....cost.... Do you know how much a new Radio Flyer wagon costs? Or any type of wagon for that matter! Let's just say it was WAY out of our budget. So I looked through Craig's List but nothing grabbed me. I saw an awesome Radio Flyer wagon for $1.00 but it was about 50 min - 1 hour away from me and I would spend more money just on gas there and back. Who knows why they were selling a wagon for a dollar anyway...shady I passed.
I was told there was an estate sale close by and that I might be able to pick up some baby items there. Perfect! I was expecting baby books, maybe some toys I could disinfect etc... While I browsed the house I made my way to the garage and spotted....

this beauty!!! My eyes were fixed on it! My smile grew from ear to ear. Checked the price. Done! AMAZING selling price within our budget. I asked the ladies to hold it aside to be sure to claim my prize as I continued to shop around. I had found it! And it would be just the right size for two laundry baskets full of clothes and many many grocery bags! One of the best purchases I think I will ever make! Not only can I use it now while heavy lifting is becoming harder and harder, but this wagon will be perfect for pulling our lil' guy around when he gets bigger!

Some other great finds...

These awesome children's books. I knew I was going to have a boy! I picked these up days before we went to the Dr.'s and found out we were having a boy!
We have been talking about a coffee table for the front room and these beauties were sooo cheap! Perfect ottomans. We love them! ( everything is a little off center in this picture because we had to move the couch around the other day- it's not that I have a bad eye for things being centered!)

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