Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taryn's Funnies

So excited for her new potty- the night we bought it. She had to try it out.

All of her animals and babies have successfully gone potty and washed their for Taryn...we'll start up at another time.

 Reading to pass the time on the most comfortable place to sit

Oh, those faces!
Breakfast time with our favorites- strawberries & cereal

Of course it's completely covering everything else, but her paper.

Caught with a cookie (ok, I gave it too her, but she still looks guilty.)

Amidst all the chaos, she finds peace in reading. My apartment looks like this all day long.

She thinks hats are cool, especially backwards

Like her paint, stickers go everyone else but the paper

What I find when I walk into the kitchen almost every time. Love that she can balance things atop each other so well. Hate the fact that I have mini fridges just perfect for a toddler- Ugh!

Just chillin', checkin' her email. (I mean, playing Monkey Preschool LunchBox- thanks Jen & Tyson!)

I love my little girl.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wow, February....we love you...but you gave us a hard time.

I'll tell you the truth. February has been exhausting.
 I had to keep reminding myself to not stress out. 
Well, two cold sores later....that didn't really work. (Two!??!!)

 Taryn also threw up for the first time on Saturday. 
While we were at a dinner party. 
My daughter's vomit on someone else's carpet and toys.
I nearly cried 100 times as I cleaned up my daughter who had no idea what was going on. I was so heartbroken seeing her so tired, stressed, confused, and scared. 
 Now we know the signs (which didn't manifest themselves until the minute we walked into our friends apartment.)
Luckily, we have awesome friends who were so helpful- who had kids so they could honestly say, "We've been through this too!" I only wish I could have said the same thing instead of not knowing what to do next.
Instead of putting the finishing touches on my talk for church the next day, I sat with my daughter, rubbed her back, held her bucket, and helped her fall asleep. It was right where I needed to be and a great reminder to me that I need to choose what is most important. Tyson and I switched throughout the night/next day helping her sleep. I love that I have him by my side through life. He is the best.
I gave my talk on Sunday in church and hurried home to Tyson and Taryn right after Sacrament meeting. Tyson stayed home with Taryn even though he was assigned to speak as well. He was to share a 5 min testimony. We thought it would be easier to find a person to give a 5 min testimony last minute instead of a 12-15 min talk.
My talk was on "Charity Never Faileth"
I didn't know how touching that talk was going to be for me when I choose the topic. 
It's what I needed to hear. In the midst of our busy crazy February, I still need to have charity for others around me.

I still love the month of February. And we have so many many many great memories from this month. It was a great one- really.  I also feel like I have done a lot of learning & growing this month!!!!
Ok, March...we are ready for you!

Hearts, Pink & Red

I know, I know. I am super late posting about Valentine's day. But I am putting it up anyways- short and sweet, just like our day was. Tyson had a group project until late that night- I asked him if anyone in the group even knew it was Valentine's Day (not in a bitter way, because Tyson and I already knew that we wouldn't be doing much on that day) To my surprise, he said there were a few married people in the group. Made me smile that Tys and I aren't alone in that arena :)  So I planned a special dinner- French Dip Sandwiches! You may think, "Really Brianna? That's special?!?"  Well let me tell you what... with no freezer (to stock up on meat sales), only one weekly grocery trip that takes up all the space in our mini fridges and a super tight student budget, meat is a rarity around here. It was super delicious and I was sad to see all the leftovers go so quickly :(
  I wanted Taryn to have a creative part in the day so I baked chocolate peanut butter brownies in our toaster oven (using my creme brulee dishes) and let her use my heart cookie cutters to make pretty designs. It was fun for us and we got to eat some of the scrapes left over. Yum! Tyson and I both really liked our Valentine's Day date together. And I think we topped it off with some Valentine's Day TV shows- taking a break from anything school/to-do list related.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Mount Vernon on President's Day

On President's Day, Mount Vernon was free to the public. Even though it was FREEZING that morning (and throughout the day, really) I was super excited to go. I think it's been over 10 years since my last visit and I could hardly remember anything. I drove down with my friend Lisa and her 6 month old son Ethan and met up with my friend Paige and her daughter Ada. It was super crowded so I've made a mental note that if we go again next year (if we are still living here) we are going to go later in the day. We stayed until about noon, walking around the grounds, snacking, and for Taryn, mainly watching the "moo's!" (She knows they are called cows but prefers to call them moo's,  just like milk, she prefers to call it "yummies.")

Tyson - who had to be at school for a group project on Monday- had requested some chocolate chip cookies the night before so we munched on the little bag of homemade cookies I brought (to get them out of the house!) while we walked around. I wasn't feeling the greatest that day but somehow made it through. Even when Taryn surprised me by throwing the biggest fit she's had in months when it was time to walk back up the hill and away from the animals. Then I realized that I had taken her away far to early from one of her favorite things in the world. Gravel. This girl could sit on the ground all day and watch the little pieces fall between her fingers over and over again. (and she has. Remember this day in Italy?) But to be honest, that day I wasn't feeling great (still recovering from the sickness we got before my sister's wedding & cold sores that make me feel like I have a really bad cold...again!) so it was time to call it a day. Plus, when I took Taryn in my arms, she said (while crying) "Want nap mommy!!" And there you have it, she was done too. She feel asleep before we had reached home but thankfully she transferred to her crib and had a wonderfully long nap.

I was happy we made the trek out there and thankful for the company of friends. Oh how I love free stuff!

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Taryn's 2nd Birthday

 Friday came and we celebrated this little girl all day long. We tried to carry a "mini" theme throughout the day starting with mini Ego waffles for breakfast. During the move, I misplaced my box of birthday banners, candles, hats I had no candles for the morning. But Taryn, knowing it was her birthday, wouldn't eat anything until she could blow out her candle. Thinking fast, we grabbed a skewer, cut it in half, and lit it (several times) and sang "Happy Birthday" several times. And she loved it.

Skyping with family. 
She got a kick out of anyone singing "Happy Birthday" to her. 

 Opened she never wanted to unwrap them... mama always had to help

 Played with friends (and lots of balloons thanks to the blowing skills of Paige & Brittany)

 I love this picture. Logan totally busy playing away with the balloons. Taryn SO EXCITED to blow out her candles, and Paige prompting Ada to sing "Happy Birthday."

 Lynne & Logan, Taryn & Me, Paige & Ada


I let her snitch over and over again. It's her birthday! 
And most of her guest were her age and didn't eat any cake anyways- the adults had slices from the other side :)
My sister Brittany wanted to make Taryn's birthday cake as a present...and because we don't have an oven she thought it would be helpful. It was SO HELPFUL! She even brought over birthday candles that she had when I told her I couldn't find our box of birthday goods. Tyson said  the cake had "the perfect cake to frosting ration" (coming from a guy who doesn't like cake, that's saying a lot!)

We kept her birthday celebration super simple. 
Mini nutter butters, mini cookies/oreos, teddy grahams.
I think it was perfect for Taryn.
She did have a case of the birthday blues's her birthday...she can cry if she wants to. 
I've heard birthday blues are normal- too much attention, excitement etc... for one little kid to handle. 
She's been asking for presents, cake, and candles ever since :)

Happy 2nd Birthday, Taryn.
You have brought so much joy into our lives.
You bring us laughter into our every day life.
You have taught us so much.
We love your silliness.
We love your kisses and hugs.
We love you.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feb. 9, 2013 the Reception

 The front entry way of my parents home with candle lights and lanterns from the trees (and little TarBear)

 Entering the backyard

 Striped Heart Cookie thank you's

 The harpist played Twinkle Twinkle little star for Taryn when she spotted her admiring her and the beautiful instrument she was playing.  Then, she stood up and said, "Ok, now it's your turn." Taryn was as happy as could be strumming away on the beautiful instrument. Brittany played the harp for years at BYU and it was a special part of the reception for her. And I couldn't believe how much harps are insured for...WOW! (don't know where that tidbit of info came from throughout the night)

 Seth and Brittany love to dance together and have many many home videos of them rocking out together. A dance floor was so fitting for them and really added so much life to the reception as it was in the middle of the tented backyard.

 My 2nd attempt to try and get a picture of Taryn and her Great Grandmother Scott. Oh, Taryn, your silly faces make me laugh!

 My Dad and Brittany had their special dance to a touching song. My mom couldn't help but cry with happiness watching them dance together. It was a sweet moment.

 We all had so much fun dancing the night away. Taryn loved being dance partners with Tyson, me, her aunts & uncles, Brittany & Seth - where Seth made her into an air guitar-, and her cousins. Anyone that would take her hands was the perfect fit for her. She could have danced all night (and she really really wanted to!) Tyson and I were able to sneak in a few dances with just us two while Taryn was dancing with cousins close by.

 The Scott girls
Mackenzie, Jana, Jen, Brittany, Megan, me, Brooke
(we missed you Ashleigh!)

I was able to grab the busy bride for a photo.. and my brother Tyson :)
It was a whirlwind weekend with family flying in from all over the U.S. and super fun. I was amazed at the family's ability to change into work clothes and pull everything together for the big night (it had rained the day before so everything had to be done the day of !!!!) No one complained, and everyone worked like mad to get it all done before it started. I still don't know how we did it! Great family team work, that's for sure.
The time difference was killing Tyson, Taryn & me. But my older sister leaned over to me before the temple ceremony began ( I think I must have been falling asleep) and said, "Just think, it could have been could have flown in from China!" (or Italy, or really anywhere! Who knows!?!) I'll be grateful it was only a three hour time difference this time!
Congratulations to Brittany and Seth! We are so happy for you!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

San Diego Temple, Brittany & Seth February 9, 2013

The night before we headed to San Digeo, we enjoyed a wedding dinner at Sarducci's in San Juan Capistrano, the same place Tyson and I had our wedding dinner the night before our wedding 3 years ago, and Megan & David about 12 years ago. We mingled with family who had flown/drove in for the wedding and met Seth's family for the first time. It was great! 

We arrived at the temple early Saturday morning and were able to watch Brittany and Seth be sealed in The Church of  Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints San Diego Temple. Brittany and Seth have both waited a long time to find each other and it was a beautiful ceremony. 
 Maybe it was just too cold for Taryn, but she was so sad after we came out of the temple and got her. She had been playing with her cousins outside on the temple grounds and was perfectly fine. Maybe it was all the picture taking. We quickly gave up trying to pose pictures with her. We also tried to get pictures without our big coats on.. burr!
 I think Taryn was singing to Tyson here (and she didn't want to look at the camera)

 Nataleigh, Taryn, and Ethan  running on the lawns.
Taryn loves her cousins and can be seen following them all around, playing with them and throughout the wedding- dancing with them. She is constantly asking to see Nata-wee, Efen, Quincee, Berk-wee, Merr wick (Jacob & Oliver stayed in St. George during the busy weekend) even weeks later.

Our attempt to take a four generation photo. 
Taryn wouldn't have it.
 The day before was the first time that Taryn had met her Great Grandmother Scott. My grandma Scott is the only living grandparent on both Tyson's & my side.  I had told Tyson that we were going to have to make a special trip to Utah (where she lives) so that Taryn could meet her. But instead, Brittany planned a wedding and we came to California and so did my Grandmother.

So sad, but so funny (now).

My brother Cameron and his wife Jana.
I love that we were married only three weeks apart. 
(And I have no idea how my family survived those couple of months of weddings!!)

So do you want to know that one thing that made Taryn happy? Telling her that she would get to see Brittany and Seth....

And there you have one super happy baby girl. Taryn LOVES Seth and Brittany. They have really developed a wonderful relationship over these past few months of Brittany moving out to D.C. and courting Seth. She asks to see them ALL the time. This was such a precious moment!

Isn't this such a beautiful place! And the day was beautiful!
It was cold but when the sun came out through the clouds it was perfect. 

My mom (far left) had all of her siblings there to celebrate Brittany's wedding. How cool is that!