Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Hearts, Pink & Red

I know, I know. I am super late posting about Valentine's day. But I am putting it up anyways- short and sweet, just like our day was. Tyson had a group project until late that night- I asked him if anyone in the group even knew it was Valentine's Day (not in a bitter way, because Tyson and I already knew that we wouldn't be doing much on that day) To my surprise, he said there were a few married people in the group. Made me smile that Tys and I aren't alone in that arena :)  So I planned a special dinner- French Dip Sandwiches! You may think, "Really Brianna? That's special?!?"  Well let me tell you what... with no freezer (to stock up on meat sales), only one weekly grocery trip that takes up all the space in our mini fridges and a super tight student budget, meat is a rarity around here. It was super delicious and I was sad to see all the leftovers go so quickly :(
  I wanted Taryn to have a creative part in the day so I baked chocolate peanut butter brownies in our toaster oven (using my creme brulee dishes) and let her use my heart cookie cutters to make pretty designs. It was fun for us and we got to eat some of the scrapes left over. Yum! Tyson and I both really liked our Valentine's Day date together. And I think we topped it off with some Valentine's Day TV shows- taking a break from anything school/to-do list related.

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