Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Brittany's Bridal Shower in V.A.

I helped plan Brittany's bridal shower in Virginia/D.C. at the end of January with one of her roommates and Seth's ( then fiance, now BIL) co-workers. It was great to be there with my sister, take a zillion pictures (and some how my sister's camera contains the only picture we took of us two together), meet some of her friends, hear stories I had never heard before about those two,  and enjoy some delicious crepes!
I am a lover of Pinterest, which inspired me to make the banner and filled in the ingredient ideas I had forgotten when making the menu for the "Crepe Bar."
Brittany's roommate put together an interview of Seth, asking questions about Brittany and then while we paused the video, Brittany would respond before we heard Seth's response. This left us all laughing, oohhh-ing, and aww-ing as we listened to the compared answers. 
We had just about 20 people all together which made for a great event and fun chit chat. What a great way to celebrate Brittany & Seth's marriage.

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