Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Wow, February....we love you...but you gave us a hard time.

I'll tell you the truth. February has been exhausting.
 I had to keep reminding myself to not stress out. 
Well, two cold sores later....that didn't really work. (Two!??!!)

 Taryn also threw up for the first time on Saturday. 
While we were at a dinner party. 
My daughter's vomit on someone else's carpet and toys.
I nearly cried 100 times as I cleaned up my daughter who had no idea what was going on. I was so heartbroken seeing her so tired, stressed, confused, and scared. 
 Now we know the signs (which didn't manifest themselves until the minute we walked into our friends apartment.)
Luckily, we have awesome friends who were so helpful- who had kids so they could honestly say, "We've been through this too!" I only wish I could have said the same thing instead of not knowing what to do next.
Instead of putting the finishing touches on my talk for church the next day, I sat with my daughter, rubbed her back, held her bucket, and helped her fall asleep. It was right where I needed to be and a great reminder to me that I need to choose what is most important. Tyson and I switched throughout the night/next day helping her sleep. I love that I have him by my side through life. He is the best.
I gave my talk on Sunday in church and hurried home to Tyson and Taryn right after Sacrament meeting. Tyson stayed home with Taryn even though he was assigned to speak as well. He was to share a 5 min testimony. We thought it would be easier to find a person to give a 5 min testimony last minute instead of a 12-15 min talk.
My talk was on "Charity Never Faileth"
I didn't know how touching that talk was going to be for me when I choose the topic. 
It's what I needed to hear. In the midst of our busy crazy February, I still need to have charity for others around me.

I still love the month of February. And we have so many many many great memories from this month. It was a great one- really.  I also feel like I have done a lot of learning & growing this month!!!!
Ok, March...we are ready for you!

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