Thursday, February 28, 2013

Taryn's Funnies

So excited for her new potty- the night we bought it. She had to try it out.

All of her animals and babies have successfully gone potty and washed their for Taryn...we'll start up at another time.

 Reading to pass the time on the most comfortable place to sit

Oh, those faces!
Breakfast time with our favorites- strawberries & cereal

Of course it's completely covering everything else, but her paper.

Caught with a cookie (ok, I gave it too her, but she still looks guilty.)

Amidst all the chaos, she finds peace in reading. My apartment looks like this all day long.

She thinks hats are cool, especially backwards

Like her paint, stickers go everyone else but the paper

What I find when I walk into the kitchen almost every time. Love that she can balance things atop each other so well. Hate the fact that I have mini fridges just perfect for a toddler- Ugh!

Just chillin', checkin' her email. (I mean, playing Monkey Preschool LunchBox- thanks Jen & Tyson!)

I love my little girl.

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  1. Taryn is so cute and so funny! I'm so glad we live close enough to see her (and you!) often.