Thursday, February 21, 2013

Feb. 9, 2013 the Reception

 The front entry way of my parents home with candle lights and lanterns from the trees (and little TarBear)

 Entering the backyard

 Striped Heart Cookie thank you's

 The harpist played Twinkle Twinkle little star for Taryn when she spotted her admiring her and the beautiful instrument she was playing.  Then, she stood up and said, "Ok, now it's your turn." Taryn was as happy as could be strumming away on the beautiful instrument. Brittany played the harp for years at BYU and it was a special part of the reception for her. And I couldn't believe how much harps are insured for...WOW! (don't know where that tidbit of info came from throughout the night)

 Seth and Brittany love to dance together and have many many home videos of them rocking out together. A dance floor was so fitting for them and really added so much life to the reception as it was in the middle of the tented backyard.

 My 2nd attempt to try and get a picture of Taryn and her Great Grandmother Scott. Oh, Taryn, your silly faces make me laugh!

 My Dad and Brittany had their special dance to a touching song. My mom couldn't help but cry with happiness watching them dance together. It was a sweet moment.

 We all had so much fun dancing the night away. Taryn loved being dance partners with Tyson, me, her aunts & uncles, Brittany & Seth - where Seth made her into an air guitar-, and her cousins. Anyone that would take her hands was the perfect fit for her. She could have danced all night (and she really really wanted to!) Tyson and I were able to sneak in a few dances with just us two while Taryn was dancing with cousins close by.

 The Scott girls
Mackenzie, Jana, Jen, Brittany, Megan, me, Brooke
(we missed you Ashleigh!)

I was able to grab the busy bride for a photo.. and my brother Tyson :)
It was a whirlwind weekend with family flying in from all over the U.S. and super fun. I was amazed at the family's ability to change into work clothes and pull everything together for the big night (it had rained the day before so everything had to be done the day of !!!!) No one complained, and everyone worked like mad to get it all done before it started. I still don't know how we did it! Great family team work, that's for sure.
The time difference was killing Tyson, Taryn & me. But my older sister leaned over to me before the temple ceremony began ( I think I must have been falling asleep) and said, "Just think, it could have been could have flown in from China!" (or Italy, or really anywhere! Who knows!?!) I'll be grateful it was only a three hour time difference this time!
Congratulations to Brittany and Seth! We are so happy for you!

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