Sunday, January 24, 2010

"Ray...a drop of golden sun"

The Sound Of Music Tour in Austria
I miss you
I had a fun time looking at all the great memories with Kenzie today
She makes me laugh

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Hello School.

Tyson's Spring 2010 Semester:
  • Intermediate Macroeconomics
  • Economic Development
  • Intro to Hispanic Literature
  • Advanced Spanish Grammar
  • Exploration and Science

This is only 10 of the 12 books that I need this semester.

Bring on the reading!

"If you have two, give one to your friend"

Because Jack Johnson teaches us to share.

We got cupcakes
Banana Dark Chocolate &

and cut them in half to end our Monday together.

Monday was such a great day. We got to spend the day together. That is very rare for us and our busy schedules.

So we had some Diem to Carpe!

Tys and I said throughout the whole day how wonderful it was. We were very lucky

(thanks Ken and Martin Luther King Jr.!!)

We took advantage of the day, even the rainy part, and explored Arizona. From Chandler, to Scottsdale, to Mesa and Tempe.

Tyson started school again today. I am excited for him! And Tyson is excited! He kept saying, "I love school. I look forward to it."

This day was great.
"Practically Perfect in Everyway"
I love my sweetheart
Thank you for making Monday special

"P.P.I.E" post continued

Then we got caught in the rain (photo taken while running back to the parking structure.)

Assisi, Italy. Behind us is the Church of St. Francis of Assisi.

"P.P.I.E" post continued but mainly for Kenzie

We headed to St. Mary's Basilica in Phoenix. It was beautiful and full of stained glass windows.

I was so happy!!! It was just like being in Italy (except a bit more modern)

I thought about Kenzie and how we loved taking pictures of the amazing apse and the beautiful art.

I missed Italy while we were there.

Kenzie, guess who I saw? St. Francis of Assisi!!! (picture above from Italy trip) Just ask Tys how much a danced around with joy when I came to his statue and knew exactly who he was, what he did, and what his Church looked like in Assisi, Italy. I was in heaven. (the 2nd statue show)

St. Francis of Assisi

Then we joined in on the "Circle of Peace"

And said hi to Mother Teresa. This courtyard was big and very pretty

"Practically Perfect In Everyway"

Our amazing day started with a trip to LaMar's donut shop. They had a big selection and yummy donuts. We loved it!

Monday, January 18, 2010

Booth Kids Babysittin'

All of us playing with some neighbor kids out front.
Andrew's first basketball game of the season! He got a basket too!

Tyson and I got to watch Janette and Ken's kids while they celebrated their 17 years of marriage in Sedona!
We had a lot of fun watching movies, eating pizza, watching a basketball game, riding bikes, scooters, and a "wiggle board" (I don't know what its called but I have videos of Tys riding it).
They are great kids and so cute! Here are some pictures of the weekend.

Caleb- such a happy baby

Janette- this video was made for you!

The cutest voice

Watching this video makes me laugh every time. We learned this word "Wacka wacka" from our institute teacher, Brother Wold. He is great. Coming from Merrick, this word is still hilarious. Thanks for teaching him Tys. (sorry it's sideways....don't know how to fix it)

Tuesday, January 12, 2010


Before Christmas we visited the most elaborate home Train Tracks I have ever seen.
All of this is in the backyard of Tyson's neighbor.
He has been collecting trains for years and has this awesome set up permanently in his backyard.
There were tons of people that came to see them.
He only has it open to the public during Christmas time.
We were lucky to get to see them.
And to watch them with Todd, Harrison, and Alyssa

Monday Monday

We got there at the perfect time of day.

The sun was beginning to set.

We enjoyed Pork Chops, zucchini and squash, oranges and homemade cookies.

We love where we live.

Just minutes from this beautiful place.

Tennis was great.

I almost beat Tyson

He thought tonight would be the night I would win a game

It was a close game

It's always a close game

We decided we need to play more

Tennis is great

Monday, January 11, 2010


It's too beautiful outside to eat dinner on our kitchen table

Tyson and I are heading to the Lake for a picnic dinner.

This weather has been amazing.

I love Mondays.

Then.....night tennis....and FHE...


Monday, January 4, 2010

It's a date in California

There are a ton of postings from Christmas so make sure to see them all!

The beautiful Fashion Island Newport Beach Christmas tree
Larger than life presents- Tyson was so excited!
We received movie tickets for Christmas and decided to take a little date to see Princess and the Frog. We loved the movie and kept quoting it throughout the weekend! We drove to Fashion Island in Newport Beach after so we could see the giant Christmas tree. We enjoyed our German hot chocolate and the wonderful weather. (Thanks Mom and Dad!)

Hiking and going to the Beach

Chasing Seagulls
Hiking the trail while making sure to "Stay on the path to avoid mountain lions, snakes, and tics."
Can you see it?
A great hiking buddy
Sitting on the beach watching skim boarders

Megan's "I have a vision!"

These were so fun to make and delicious to eat. Thanks Megan for making this possible!

Christmas Day

Don't mess with this guy!
I think Dad got hit more than the drum
good lookin' guys and their awesome Christmas ties
Arizona State University matching sweaters. Santa's good.

Christmas Eve at the Thackers

The All Star Nativity Cast
In our Scott/Thacker style Nativity, Joseph plays the piano
Singing carols
Oh the witty wise men
Brooke, Merrick, and me just before the presentation

Saturday, January 2, 2010

The Pop Shop

Ever since my brother, Trevor, introduced me to the Pop Shop years ago I have been in love. I always like to go and find interesting sodas to try. I also love introducing people to it.

I took Brianna there when we were dating. It was also a memorable visit because I got celery-flavored soda. It was.... interesting.

Today, I introduced the Pop Shop to my friend from ASU, Brittan, and his wife, Asaka. They loved it! I knew they would.

Unfortunately, Brianna couldn't make this trip because of work. She did request a flavor, and I got other kinds that we will share when she gets home from work.