Monday, January 18, 2010

Booth Kids Babysittin'

All of us playing with some neighbor kids out front.
Andrew's first basketball game of the season! He got a basket too!

Tyson and I got to watch Janette and Ken's kids while they celebrated their 17 years of marriage in Sedona!
We had a lot of fun watching movies, eating pizza, watching a basketball game, riding bikes, scooters, and a "wiggle board" (I don't know what its called but I have videos of Tys riding it).
They are great kids and so cute! Here are some pictures of the weekend.

Caleb- such a happy baby

Janette- this video was made for you!


  1. What can I say? You're the epitome of awesomeness!!!

  2. Thanks sooooo much for making our anniversary getaway possible!!