Tuesday, January 19, 2010

"If you have two, give one to your friend"

Because Jack Johnson teaches us to share.

We got cupcakes
Banana Dark Chocolate &

and cut them in half to end our Monday together.

Monday was such a great day. We got to spend the day together. That is very rare for us and our busy schedules.

So we had some Diem to Carpe!

Tys and I said throughout the whole day how wonderful it was. We were very lucky

(thanks Ken and Martin Luther King Jr.!!)

We took advantage of the day, even the rainy part, and explored Arizona. From Chandler, to Scottsdale, to Mesa and Tempe.

Tyson started school again today. I am excited for him! And Tyson is excited! He kept saying, "I love school. I look forward to it."

This day was great.
"Practically Perfect in Everyway"
I love my sweetheart
Thank you for making Monday special

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