Wednesday, September 20, 2017

The Adirondacks Scott Family Reunion Day 3 & 4

On one of the days to stayed on site for the whole day, I pulled out water balloons for the "kids" ;) I thought it would be a fun way to get everyone together and I may have wanted my nieces and nephews to remember who the "fun" aunt was :)

This has got to be one of my favorite pictures of my Dad! I love that someone caught this water balloon explosion all over my Dad. And I love Tyson's focused attention on his water balloon that I sent flying at him. 

At the end of this game, a big water balloon fight took place. Don't think that my Dad held back at all. He was right in the action, attacking anyone in his line of sight. One of my Dad's favorite memories from the water balloon fight was when Taryn came up from behind and smacked a water balloon right on my Dad's bottom. Taryn ran away laughing hysterically and my Dad was shocked, and laughing! and my Dad later came to me saying, "I think that shows that Taryn and I have a good relationship. She's comfortable enough with me that she would pop a water balloon right on my backside!" I thought my Dad's view of this was the best. 

Notice Taryn's face? She had just been pelted with a water balloon :)

So this is what the kids resorted to after the water balloon fight was over. I can't even remember who won but I do remember how much fun this kiddos had popping all the extra water balloons. Man - those "Bunch-o-balloons" are the best invention ever!

On this morning, we split into two groups. Those that wanted to do the hard hike (David, Ethan, Nataleigh, Seth and Cameron) and those who wanted to do the "easy hike" around the lake (everyone with little kids and those who were making the meals for that day) Ours ended up being a pretty mild walk around the lake and it was a most beautiful day. 
The "hard hikers" didn't end up coming home until well past dinner and the hike was A LOT harder than expected. Thankfully, they brought enough water and had brought sandwiches with them. We hear the views were breathtaking for them. It was also a hard recovery for the hard hikers for the next few days. 

 Playing in the chilly water and on the dock never got old for the kids. They were loving every second. 

After swimming, I wrapped an exhausted Haddie p in a towel and gently pushed her in the hammock. Someone called me from the cabin deck and I turned to answer their quick question. Well those few seconds was long enough for my wrapped up Haddie to flip out of the hammock straight on her face into the dirt. She was so mad at me. I felt so bad!

These ducks were a favorite almost the kiddos too. They had no fear and loved to follow the kids who dropped food. Thankfully they weren't around every day otherwise I would have worried about the kids being bit. 

How fun is it to eat every meal with cousins. Haddie declared at this moment that the girls were "talking about our boyfriends" 


My Dad does so much research into every trip and plans out fun places to explore. This was our adventure to the "Wild Center" that had bridges to cross, nature trails, bird exhibits, canoeing and so much more. 

Taryn, David, Merrick, Haddie and Jacob



Kenzie and Margot

Haddie and Me

Nataleigh, Berkleigh and me

Brooke and Cody


This was a giant spider web suspended in the air. It was a lot harder than we thought it would be to move around in. Nataleigh did some tumbling tricks and we all had a try and getting around (or getting stuck!)

Tyson brought his binoculars to help him bird watch at this point in the exhibit. They had a lot a fun birds! We saw a Loon on this trip! The only way Tyson would be able to check that bird off his "life List" was by coming to the Adirondacks. He was one happy guy seeing this rare bird while canoeing that the Wild Center. 

Tyson and Haddie loved watching the river otters play around. They are FAST!

We took a lunch break in the tents. Leave it to Dad or Grandpa Scott to coordinate an amazing lunch of meat sandwiches, chips, cookies and drinks for all. So yummy and so needed to continue on with our fun and buys day. 

The next adventure was canoeing behind The Wild Center.  We had the best tour guides and we all had a great time. The kids under 6 years old stayed with Grandma Jackie and Cameron. Uncle Cameron is so fun with the kids. He enjoyed playing in the hands on center (blocks, puppets, fossils, water coloring painting etc...) as much as the kids did!

Brittany & Seth

Megan & David

The whole canoeing group

We had such a blast! This is where we saw the Loon too!

One of the nights we got to ice skate in the Olympic Rink. Lake Placid held the Winter Olympics during 1932 and 1980 . 

Derrick, Tyson and Berkleigh

Cameron and Mom

Ethan's graceful skating :)

Haddie was such a trooper! She was determined to keep skating around the rink. She did a fantastic job. 

Our whole family skating for the first time (plus a photobombed)

Haddie and Quincy took lots of breaks together. They had a fun friendship during this trip. 

The ice skating group. (Poor Taryn's top of her head is visible, but not her pretty face!)

Sunday, September 17, 2017

The Adirondacks - Scott Family Reunion Day 1 & 2

Is there anything better than getting together with family?! 
Our girls have been looking forward to this trip in the Adirondacks for months! 

Love that girl and all her spunk!
We arrived on Monday and members of my family continued to trickle in as the day went on. The kids took this time to explore the cabin site, the water, running around playing with each other and enjoying life. 

The kayaks were an instant hit for the kids (and adults!) The kids couldn't wait to get out in them together. I'm thankful that Merrick is so strong because he was able to keep all those kiddos close by but yet give them the sense of being on the water, without all the parents worrying about them drifting across Lake Placid. 
They all had a blast. 

Reunited with Brooke and Kenzie. Kenzie just returned from Singapore with her little family, where they had lived for a year. Sadly Ben wasn't able to leave his work there and make it back for the reunion but we were happy to have Margot and Kenzie there to represent their little family. 

Just breathtaking views!

Love my Dad and that he lives for adventures. He's taught me to be brave, explore, try something new, and expand my horizons. I love that about him so much. It makes me grateful that Tyson loves to adventure so much too, because it makes planning our life together so much easier. 
Also, I have my Dad's nose! :)

What I love about reunions is the conversations. Cameron, Jana, Brittany and Seth chatted away and there were moments where this table was filled with all sorts of family mixes. I love that so much. Reunions are a great time to ask the in depth questions about what is going on with each other. Because sometimes talking for hours over the phone doesn't do "FaceTime" justice. 

Seriously, this place was out of a magazine! It was so rich in color, the weather was great (even when it rained on and off for a few days) and it was so peaceful

The girlies!

At night when the sun had set, the kids would play games, make duck tape purses and wallets and run around together. Getting the kids in bed at night was always hard. No one wanted the fun to stop!

Taryn couldn't wait to fish with Grandpa Scott. Months before, Grandpa Scott called us and asked if Taryn would want to learn how to fish with him. Taryn couldn't wait!!! The second we came to our cabin, she asked Grandpa when they would be able to fish!

Taryn was ready to walk up bright and early to meet Grandpa on the dock to get the best fishing possible. 

She was anxious and ready to learn!

Uncle Tyson and Uncle Cameron were there to help and give great pointers too!

Just look at that joy on Taryn's face!!!!!

This is the reward you get for listening to the best fishing instructor! 
Taryn's first fish! Thanks Grandpa Scott!

Taryn tried holding the fish and Haddie gave it a pat above the gills. 

Grandpa helped Jacob catch a fish and many other grandchildren throughout the trip. 
My favorite thing about my dad and fishing is that he gets the love for the sport from his Dad, my Grandpa Scott. That vest my Dad is wearing belonged to my Grandpa Scott, and so did much of the fishing gear my Dad still uses today. 

The best time to be in the water was.... well...anytime of day really. It was such great lake. But the morning waters were especially calm in the mornings. 
Seth, Brittany, Cora and Braden took to the water in the morning while most of us watched from the dock and fished. 

We had the whole 2nd day to be at the cabin, enjoying everything around us. Some people call it a day to "adjust" but I'll just call it a day of "fun!"