Sunday, December 3, 2017

Family Date Night at National Harbor

During the Summer months, National Harbor puts on a free Family Night with music, movies, and games. 
We ventured down to the harbor for a fun night together. 

That would be my kids climbing into a mouth of a giant. This statue is super large and portrays a man trying to climb out of the sand.

All the kids around love to climb on the man's face, hands, and leg (and it's totally encouraged.) Go figure! 

Our girls are masters at the Hula Hoops- yes both girls have it down! They were playing such fun music that the girls didn't want to leave. They wanted to dance all night long! There were giant Connect Four games, tic tac toe, hula hoops, corn hole and line dancing. 
We all had a good time and ended the night with a treat from the near by candy shop. 

Tyson and I returned a few months later for a date night that Tyson had planned. I got the sitter, he mapped out our date. 
It included a windy ride on a ferry boat to National Harbor, something we've always wanted to do.  I don't mind spending lots of time with this guy at all. It's always fun to sit back and chat about everything whenever we get the chance. 
It was a gorgeous day (a bit chilly for the time of year) but gorgeous and fun!

Wind blown hair and the warmest jacket I had. 

We ate at the best hole in the wall Crab Cake Cafe. SERIOUSLY delicious crab cakes. Their tartar sauce could have been eaten by the spoonful. I know that sounds totally gross but I promise you that you have never tasted anything like it! We found the jack pot when it comes to crab cakes. Can't get any better.

Tyson- that guy can sure plan a fantastic date night. He makes life pretty great. 

After dinner we walked around the Harbor and caught some great shots of the Capitol Ferris Wheel. Lat year for our 7th anniversary we went on the ferris wheel. Guys- I have a major fear of heights and  I wanted to scream the whole time but I did it (and therefore will never do it again. ) 

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