Monday, June 26, 2017

Another soccer season for Taryn under her belt.

Taryn completed another season of soccer! She really enjoys team sports and thrives!
She usually hit a mid day slump right before practice started but getting her out on the field was such a natural high for her, she jumped right back to normal Taryn every time. Endorphins are an amazing thing!

I LOVE this photo of Taryn. She just happened to catch me taking a photo of her and smiled at just the right time before kickoff. 

She worked really hard this season on technique. She got really mad that everyone would kick her so much ( on accident) and not the ball. There were some tears during a few games where she came off the field hurt and upset. We had to explain that it's hard for kids to know where to kick when they all travel together (bumble bee soccer if what they should call it at this age) and we encouraged her to step out of the crowd, because the ball would eventually come out that way. 

^^Right after Taryn scored a goal ^^

Watching her play soccer brings back so many memories for me of when I played. Taryn is way more invested than I was. She has a natural competitive spirit that I do not posses. I love that about her. 
You can see the joy on her face as she plays. She gives every game her all, unless the humidity is 95% and it's 97 degrees out. In that case she is a puddle of red faced grumpiness. Very similar to how Tyson and I get with heat exhaustion. 
But really, she races for the ball and scores several goals at every game. If she is on the sidelines with her water resting, you can always find her cheering on her team. She screams "Go tough puppies!" or calls the girls by name. I love that about her. 

Her faithful cheer section. Man- there were some super super muggy games this round. But it was fun to see Taryn play- and teach Haddie why we support one another. She was a great cheerleader!
I loved hearing "Go Tar-when!" ;)
I really enjoy being a soccer mom (or any sport mom, really) because cheering on my kids and seeing how happy they get when they accomplish their goals gets me teary eyed every single time! 

So full of life, that one!

That's one awesome team right there. 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Besties, conquering fears and enjoying the little every days

Taryn came out of her kindergarten class so excited to show us her new mustache, which fell off after the 5th removal of it so I showed it what it would look like if I really had a mustache. 

Gwen and Haddie are besties. We walk to school almost every morning (as long as it's not snowing or raining) and we meet up with our friends the Rinngers along the way. Taryn chats with Jane (in 1st grade), I chat with Tammi and Gwen and Haddie chat as they walk together. I have to chuckle every time I look over at them, doing just what their mamas do- talking about life and having fun together. 

Everyone needs a friend that they can dress up with and eat chips with :)

Haddie conquered her fear of the dentist. My mistake ended up working to my benefit the morning of her dentist appointment. I told Haddie she could have a playdate with her friend Gwen, totally forgetting that she needed to be at the Dentist in an hour. But then I realized that Haddie might do better if she had to be brave in front of her friend. Worked like a charm!!!!! No tears, they were able to get x-rays, and she was as happy as could be with her extra stickers (and prize bag) because she was such a good example to her friend. Mama win!!!

Enjoying time together as a family at the Crystal City Water Park. We played Ping pong with the girls and enjoyed a long walk after getting burgers with our friends.

Always creating with and enjoying what nature has to offer. 

Including the bugs!!!

Volunteering at Taryn's school has been so much fun. I love seeing her in a classroom setting. She is a strict rule follower and the kindest to everyone. I love her teacher (and teacher's helper) so so much. All the kindergarten teachers rave after Taryn's teacher. We got super lucky to have her for her 1st and last year because she will be moving back to CA. I'm sad Haddie won't have a chance to have her. 

Ya know, just mowing the lawn like Daddy

Sometimes you're just so exhausted from playing that your hands need a resting spot too. 

After errands, I sat at the table to do some computer work. Haddie found a nice little spot at my feet to finish our Costco smoothie. 

Smelling the beautiful roses on our walk to and from school. I love this time I get with the girls. There are times I am stressed about getting to school on time and then there are days we can just walk at a good pace, stop to enjoy our surroundings or our favorite dog Emma. These days will fly by so quickly that I want to be sure to enjoy those "slower" moments I have with them. 

Saturday, June 10, 2017

Taking a Cooking Class with friends

This cooking class was so much fun! 
Lynne had a brilliant idea to sign up for one of the county cooking classes and invited a few of us to do the same.  We decided the Spring Cooking from the Farmer's Market was the best class for us. 
This is a great bunch of ladies right here!

Zara and Lynne were prepping for their spring onion tart

I spy bacon and yummy yummy onions!

Love her!!
(And just realized we are totally matching in our stripes!)

Spring Onion Tart before baking

Asparagus two ways
A morel mushroom sauce and the other with a Tarragon Vinaigrette

Finished onion Tart with Dara

My was so so good! Special thanks to the all butter puff pastry !

Our cooking instructor was great. And like any cook, she would have the funniest mannerisms in the kitchen. I was laughing to myself half the time because I could see the little things she was doing here and there - like checking temps of chicken stock by sticking her finger right in etc... 

The smell of onions and butter is one of the most wonderful smells...

We learned a lot, had tons of fun, and it was the biggest classes our instructor had ever taught (not pictured are the other 5 or so ladies cooking away on the other side of the kitchen. 

We spent a night cooking from 6pm-10pm and it was so different from my usual night routine. I'm thankful our babysitter and Tyson made it possible for me to enjoy this night. 
It's so fun to get out and try something new and it's even better with good friends.