Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fading Summer

   There are some days where naps are a little thrown off, but it proves to open up more possibilities in the day. On this day, we found our grove at the park and splash pad. We stayed there for hours. Hadleigh napped in the stroller and Taryn made numerous new friends. At one point, my girls had the whole splash pad to themselves. Hadleigh has surprised me by loving the water and not minding if it's a bit cold. When Taryn was Hadleigh's age, we couldn't get her near the water. Who knew she would be such a fish now! We jumped into and out of dry clothes & wet clothes, playing in the water and at the park. Every now and then we need a day like this where we spend our time relaxed, not worried about errands, letting go of our attachment to nap times, and being outside the whole day.

We're making plans to send summer out with a bang for Labor Day. It's been a summer of ups and downs, but we really have tried our hardest to enjoy those precious summer days. 

Monday, August 25, 2014

A little TOO quiet

    I really should have seen this coming. 
But I left to get Hadleigh's feed ready. I was gone for probably 4 minutes. 
The silence should have tipped me off. 
It's never that quiet unless these two are up to something. 
Apparently Taryn thought the dry erase markers I gave her to color with on her white board would look much better as a make shift tattoo on Hadleigh's back. 
At least she didn't cut Hadleigh's hair with a pair of scissors like I did to my little sister years back. 
It still makes me laugh...this picture….not cutting my sister's hair. 
I got in a lot of trouble for that ;)

Monday, August 18, 2014

Travis comes to visit!

Tyson's oldest brother, Travis, came to visit us last week! He may have had a work convention too ;) But we felt so lucky to have him with us for a few days, especially because he had been in a motorcycle accident just days before! It's a miracle we have him with us today! Although he was in a lot of pain, we were happy to have him and show him a bit of where we live.  Taryn didn't need any time to warm up to Travis. Hadleigh had to be convinced though :) But soon, it was Travis who was holding Hadleigh and she looked as happy as could be.

Butterfly bench for Grandma Smith

We drove around D.C. (because walking would have really hurt Travis and his injuries!) But decided to take a little walk around the Botanic Gardens. We were too late to go inside the Conservatory but it was perfect weather (I'm loving this mild summer!) so we just strolled outside in the gardens, something we had never done before. 

Uncle Travis bought Taryn an ice cream bar and she was in heaven. She sat outside the American Indian Museum and watched the water display as she tried to catch the chocolate shell dripping off her ice cream.

We're so glad Travis is alive! And that despite everything he and his family went through, we were able to see him for a few days.

Sunday, August 17, 2014

The Fire Station!

   Taryn & Ethan were so excited to explore the fire trucks at our local fire station! The firefighters were so nice to let them both explore and show them around. They even showed us their fireman's pole. I had no idea that they still used them- although there are some firefighters who take the stairs after having falling down the pole during a night call emergency ;) We learned a lot and got to meet one of the first responders to the Pentagon after the September 11th attacks.

It's always fun to see the world through the eyes of a 3 year old and to explore with them

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kicking the soccer ball around with two lovelies

Taryn has a deep love for soccer. Her first soccer ball was a Christmas present last year and she has already used it well. Though she won't start formal soccer for a few years yet, she definitely gets out and practices with Tyson and me endlessly. She has the coordination, she has the energy, and she loves  it. I hope her love will continue when she starts playing on an actual team. 

We were basically the only people out there playing. Hadleigh sat happily on the picnic blanket in the shade while Taryn and I ran after the ball and practiced our goal kicks. Taryn only stopped for a few brief seconds to get water and catch her breath. I will be ever grateful of this mild summer we have had. It's made for one fun adventurous outdoor summer. Last year Taryn would ask to go inside because it was too hot. This year, we are happy to stay out for hours!

Totally exhausted Taryn. And one happy baby girl.

Can you tell she's working on some new teeth? 
Four to be exact. 

I love her spunk and drive

Such a beauty, that one!

Another beauty, with her tongue out, feeling her new teeth

This afternoon was one where I wish I could keep these girls at this stage for a long time. Each being so fun, beautiful, and full of life. They make me a better person. 

Monday, August 11, 2014

The Moon and Impressionism

Taryn  has been all about the moon for quite some time now. But more recently, she's been loving anything about Space. She had told me that Saturn is her favorite planet because of the rings and she will imagine herself in a rocket ship after climbing into an old box we've kept around. A few weeks back it was "Moon Day" at the Air and Space museum- perfect! Taryn asked all day long if we were going to the museum yet. She was so excited to see the airplanes, pictures of Space and the MOON!

They had a little story time and each child made a "Happy Birthday, Moon" card. If that's all we did that day, Taryn would have been the happiest 3 year old you have ever met!

Our great view on The Mall. Seriously, this summer weather has been a dream!!!!

A little family picnic on The Mall. Hadleigh timed her nap perfectly to fall asleep on our way out to the grass.

Inside the National Gallery of Art, Tyson and I loved the Impressionism. Taryn was more enthralled with running like a puppy  though each room. We did get her to take interest in Edgar Degas' "Little Dancer." She loves anything to do with movement!

It was a fun little stop on our visit to D.C. Tyson had never visited this museum before so it was fun to explore it with him, and find out that after my years of adoring Impressionism, Tyson has a love it too!