Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Lots of cuteness, some silliness, and lots of happiness

 Taryn has endless energy and will only stop to drink water when she is thirsty! She came by our blanket for a brief second before zooming after her soccer ball again.

Hadleigh is happy to get into anything. All those small little toys we've just let be for so long now have to be found before her little hands (and mouth!) find them first! Her hand must have a little magnet to all those small pieces. She also must have hawk eyes to be able to keep finding them!

On one of her rolling adventures across the room, Hadleigh rolled perfectly into Taryn's fireman hat

These two in the bath! From chubby baby legs to crazy long hair do's

Bedtime stories with Daddy

Hadleigh's little tongue is going crazy these days!

And these may be our best family photos yet ;)

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