Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Kicking the soccer ball around with two lovelies

Taryn has a deep love for soccer. Her first soccer ball was a Christmas present last year and she has already used it well. Though she won't start formal soccer for a few years yet, she definitely gets out and practices with Tyson and me endlessly. She has the coordination, she has the energy, and she loves  it. I hope her love will continue when she starts playing on an actual team. 

We were basically the only people out there playing. Hadleigh sat happily on the picnic blanket in the shade while Taryn and I ran after the ball and practiced our goal kicks. Taryn only stopped for a few brief seconds to get water and catch her breath. I will be ever grateful of this mild summer we have had. It's made for one fun adventurous outdoor summer. Last year Taryn would ask to go inside because it was too hot. This year, we are happy to stay out for hours!

Totally exhausted Taryn. And one happy baby girl.

Can you tell she's working on some new teeth? 
Four to be exact. 

I love her spunk and drive

Such a beauty, that one!

Another beauty, with her tongue out, feeling her new teeth

This afternoon was one where I wish I could keep these girls at this stage for a long time. Each being so fun, beautiful, and full of life. They make me a better person. 

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