Monday, August 11, 2014

The Moon and Impressionism

Taryn  has been all about the moon for quite some time now. But more recently, she's been loving anything about Space. She had told me that Saturn is her favorite planet because of the rings and she will imagine herself in a rocket ship after climbing into an old box we've kept around. A few weeks back it was "Moon Day" at the Air and Space museum- perfect! Taryn asked all day long if we were going to the museum yet. She was so excited to see the airplanes, pictures of Space and the MOON!

They had a little story time and each child made a "Happy Birthday, Moon" card. If that's all we did that day, Taryn would have been the happiest 3 year old you have ever met!

Our great view on The Mall. Seriously, this summer weather has been a dream!!!!

A little family picnic on The Mall. Hadleigh timed her nap perfectly to fall asleep on our way out to the grass.

Inside the National Gallery of Art, Tyson and I loved the Impressionism. Taryn was more enthralled with running like a puppy  though each room. We did get her to take interest in Edgar Degas' "Little Dancer." She loves anything to do with movement!

It was a fun little stop on our visit to D.C. Tyson had never visited this museum before so it was fun to explore it with him, and find out that after my years of adoring Impressionism, Tyson has a love it too!

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