Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fading Summer

   There are some days where naps are a little thrown off, but it proves to open up more possibilities in the day. On this day, we found our grove at the park and splash pad. We stayed there for hours. Hadleigh napped in the stroller and Taryn made numerous new friends. At one point, my girls had the whole splash pad to themselves. Hadleigh has surprised me by loving the water and not minding if it's a bit cold. When Taryn was Hadleigh's age, we couldn't get her near the water. Who knew she would be such a fish now! We jumped into and out of dry clothes & wet clothes, playing in the water and at the park. Every now and then we need a day like this where we spend our time relaxed, not worried about errands, letting go of our attachment to nap times, and being outside the whole day.

We're making plans to send summer out with a bang for Labor Day. It's been a summer of ups and downs, but we really have tried our hardest to enjoy those precious summer days. 

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