Thursday, May 27, 2010


For some reason, today I have had on my mind some counsel given to my parents by Elder Scott before they were set apart as mission presidents. He talked to them about the blessing of being able to communicate with their family back home through the internet and also told them they should find a "balance" in this communication. He said, Be mindful of your family, but know that they are being looked after.

In June, my parents will have been gone for one whole year. Since they have left, our family here in the States has gone through some of our highest highs and lowest lows. I am amazed at some of the trials we have faced and overcome, and I have faith that we will continue to be "looked after" as we face what is to come. I am so thankful for the family that I have been blessed with, and I look up to each one of my siblings and their spouses. They have been wonderful examples to me and Brianna in our first few months of marriage.

Now, I cannot leave out my "new" family. I already feel like I am spoiled with the family I was raised in, but I can't believe how spoiled I am with my in-laws, the Scotts. Ever since the first time I met them, which also happens to be about a year ago, they have made me feel welcomed and loved. My parents-in-law are two of the kindest and most generous people I know, and it is no wonder why their children, especially my wife, turned out to be equally kind. Brianna and I are also grateful for the examples of the couples in this family.

I don't say these things to brag. I just felt like I needed to express my gratitude for my family. Thank you Smiths and Scotts (and Booths and Rasmussens) for everything you have done for us!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wind Caves

Gila Monster- we had never seen one before

Starting the Hike to the wind caves

Tys and I went out on a beautiful Saturday morning to hike The Wind Caves, which is a hike Tyson has done many time and really enjoys. On our way down, we were surprised to see a Gila Monster as it was basking in the sun on a rock just inches from the trail. Two older ladies in front of us were afraid to pass by it, but it seemed more afraid of us than we were of it.
For those of you who don't know, Gila monsters have a mild venom and an extremely painful bite. They will latch onto you and then proceed to chew on you to allow the toxins into an open wound. Ouch! So glad this one just ran back into it's hole when we passed!

Monday, May 24, 2010

The beautiful Gila Valley Temple was dedicated yesterday! In Arizona, this dedication was broadcast at the stake centers so instead of having regular church meetings, we were able to choose from 3 different times to attend.
It was a wonderful experience. President Monson and his daughter, President Eyring and his wife, and Elder Holland and his wife attended. They mentioned President Spencer W. Kimball many times because he was raised in the Gila Valley.
I loved watching the little children help place the cement into the corner stone and many others. Tyson and I want to plan a small trip out there to see this amazing temple. I'm so glad we were able to be apart of the Dedication!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Went to Huntington Beach to play with Jen&Tyson and Merrick&Berkleigh
Saw the Duck-A-Thon (a charity event. $20 rubber ducks are dumped into the ocean. The first one to reach the shore wins a prize!)
Took pictures of Brooke and her date before her Prom (big group of couples!)
Back to Huntington Beach for a dinner date (Ruby's on the Pier!)
More playing with Jen&Tyson (while the twins slept!)

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Arrived at the Newport Beach Temple for the sealing of Ashley and Peter
Took Ashley and Peter to the beach for photos
Went to the beautiful Reception
Had a great time dancing, eating, and talking!
Said goodbye to Mr. and Mrs. Peter Dansie!

Monday, May 17, 2010

drive 6 hours to Orange County!
get to see the
Scotts! (Mom, Dad, Brooke and Brittany)
Play frisbee at the
beach to unwind from the long drive
Went to the
Top of the World
Ride in a
Hot Air Ballon (Our first time ever!)

6 wonderful months!
Tyson gave me these beautiful yellow tulips for our 6 month anniversary.
I left little notes around the house for him with some Peanut Butter Cups too!

I have LOVED being married to my best friend and I look forward to spending forever with him.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Thursday can't come soon enough!! Tyson and I are so excited to head to California this weekend for Ashley and Peter's wedding!

We are so grateful to be apart of their special day. They will be sealed in the Newport Beach Temple just like Tyson and I!

I grew up with Ashley and couldn't imagine a better person for her to marry. Peter such a sweet young man. They make a great couple!

These pictures are from the first time Tyson and I met Peter. We were in Salt Lake City for my brother's reception and they drove up from Provo for it.

More amazing wedding photos of these two amazing people to come!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Tyson and I are so grateful for our wonderful mothers and mothers-in-law! We love you both so very much! Everything you have done for us has made us into the people we are today!
Happy Mother's Day!


Friday, May 7, 2010

To celebrate the beginning of finals, ASU had a Pancake Breakfast from 9-11pm Wednesday night (Reading Day for the school)

When I got home from work, Tyson asked if I wanted to go with him. YES!

I was worried that because I am not a student they wouldn't let me in. Luckily, the nicest manager was in front of the line when we walked up. Tyson said, "My wife isn't a student. Can she still get a free breakfast?" The man looked at us as if to say, " How old are you? And your married? How can I not believe you!" He let us in! As we walked away we could hear him say, "No one wants to eat alone. It's his wife! You have to let her in too!"

We were so thankful that we both received pancakes, eggs, sausage, hash browns and orange juice.

It was also really interesting to be on campus at 10pm and have it be FILLED with people! I really liked going!

Thanks for being a student Tyson. It's because of you that we get a "FREE" breakfast. (only after you pay tuition. I am grateful for his scholarship EVERY DAY!)

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

The Bride to Be

This past weekend in California was so fun! Ashley is getting married in 11 days! We are so excited for Peter and Ashley. So many people helped to make this shower a beautiful event. I loved being apart of it! Her colors of Tiffany Blue and all shades of Pink really made a statement as you walked into the home. They perfectly complimented the gorgeous day of sunshine!