Friday, March 28, 2014

The ups & downs of our last week of March 2014


We had so much playtime indoors this week with play dough, beads to make necklaces, painting, baking, tea parties and reading our huge stack of library books. 

We tried to make the most of our time while we were stuck indoors with bad weather and then bad coughs/fevers. Us girls like to share our germs I guess because we all got the same yucky cough, sniffles, and fevers. But don't worry, Tyson wanted to join the sick train too except he decided he wanted Pink Eye?!??!!! 
I really didn't think adults could get that on their own. But OH!!!! how glad I am that it was Tyson who got it, not one of the girls. It's easy for Tyson to wash his hands, not touch his eye…or anything in the house really, and he takes the eye drop medication like it's nothing. 
Really, I am so glad the girls didn't catch it!!!

So we're happy to see these past few days coming to an end. Also, we're happy that Spring is poking it's head out to say hello with warmer temperatures and maybe a few sunny days!!

After our move, I found my tea set from when I was a little girl. I have been looking forward to finding it and giving it to Taryn to play with. It's already been giving some more cracks and we've had a few break but it's nothing some Krazy glue can't fix. I know this set won't last forever, but I am just so happy I could share it with Taryn (and hopefully Hadleigh if the pieces aren't too far gone by then!) 

I was teaching Taryn that we keep pinkies up when we drink tea. While taking pictures, this is how she decided to put her pinkies up. :) Almost every time I have the camera out now, Taryn asks to take my picture. It's really fun to see life through her eyes.

 Hadleigh will always give Taryn the biggest smile when she has the camera!

Taryn's picture taking always includes a few dozen of Hadleigh 

Taryn is a fish and I'm pretty sure Hadleigh is heading in that same direction. These two love their bath time. Yes, there is a TON of water to clean up after. I figure we are just making up for not having a bath tub all these years. 

This particular necklace was made and worn with pride!!!!! She wanted to show everyone her necklace  and asked to wear it to bed!

Discovering a different library so we could switch things up a bit. 

Monday, March 24, 2014

Such a good helper ;)

Hadleigh wanted to help by supervising Uncle Seth while he put together our new (to us) kitchen table 
(that they picked up for us for FREE!!)
They both did a great job!

Friday, March 21, 2014

Swinging in the snow

Sometimes it's just too hard to wait for the snow to melt so you can enjoy the park again with your friend.
(from about a month ago)

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

She keeps going and going and going…..

I was certain that this cute ball of energy was starting a outgrow her naps. So just a few days ago I put it to the test and let her stay up about one hour later than her nap time. I never mentioned naps. We didn't wind down like usual. Nope. 
But then Taryn just crawled into a ball and said, "Mommy, I'm tired. I need a blanket" and fell right asleep in our front room. She had been running around the house, doing her usual doggie/horsie/ pony laps up and down our hallway. Go figure!

Monday, March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Although we were hit with another snow storm last night (WHAT?! It's the middle of MARCH!!!) and spring is in hiding for the next few days, we enjoyed our St. Patrick's Day to the fullest. I was super bummed all weekend knowing that this snow storm was probably going to cancel my turn for Preschool. I had fun crafts and fun green foods to eat. But just because no one else could come doesn't mean we skipped out on the fun! This entire day started off great with green pancakes, prepping my first corned beef & cabbage dinner ever (which rocked!!!), and lots of rainbow & shamrock crafts for Taryn.

Taryn was loving the camera this morning.
She gave me the best expressions and I'm so glad I just kept clicking away and laughing.

Then Taryn asked to take a picture of me. I kinda love this one because it shows our morning (and Hadleigh's cute clover leggings I got for $0.73 brand new at Old Navy!!!) Everyone else was dressed and ready to go, and I was still in my pajamas (the one that got the girls dressed & made breakfast & Tyson's lunch) I guess deep down because I knew it was a snow day, I wasn't rushing my shower/ changing before breakfast. Actually, it was really fun to have a snow day on a holiday. I was fully prepared with fun foods & crafts so the day went by fast and we had a lot of fun :)

Some of the crafts
Rainbow fruit loop necklace (she preferred to eat them but did manage to string some of the cereal on!) We sorted out the colors, talked about the colors of the rainbow and the order they appear.
Drawing her rainbow- although her colors ended up out of order/overlapping, she still made a great rainbow. Taryn is not a big fan of sticky hands so she wasn't keen on the glue & tissue paper for her clover- oh well (Taryn's is on the right)

Later on in the day we spent time at our friends house for a little gathering. Taryn twirled in her little green tutu and showed off the shamrock necklace I found just moments before leaving the house. It was a birthday present from the Grandma Scott who recently passed away in January. I'm so glad I happened to pull out an old bag of jewelry that has been packed away forever and that I decided to sort through it. Such a fun find! Taryn was in love with the necklace and wanted to show everyone!

Tyson and I ate a late dinner of corned beef & cabbage due to the delayed transportation but it was still delicious! I decided that I will make that meal every March 17th and that I will be trying to make Irish soda bread next time too. 

Friday, March 14, 2014

Warmer outdoors?!

Here's hoping there are more park days like this in our near future!
Happy Weekend!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

We moved!!! (FINALLY!!!!)

Seriously can't add enough exclamation marks in this post's title. 
We moved almost two weeks ago and we are in love with our new place.
We are so incredibly happy.

It's been amazing.
We've been unpacking and trying to catch up with life, because it never slows down, even when you move and everything is boxed up and there is still a lot that needs to be done in life during the move etc…

Here is a little bit of the past few weeks.

We moved on my 26th birthday and I will tell you what. Those keys in my hands- such a great birthday present!!!

Taryn wanted a picture just like mama. I love that she held her hands out (pretending to hold keys) just like me.

These two girls are amazing. And they make the funniest faces

Getting ready for Easter and warmer weather!!!

Caught this moment in the midst of boxes one morning after we had just arrived in our new place.

Hadleigh was all smiles for her first swing ride.
I think it mainly had to do with Taryn helping to push her :)

We're starting to see warmer weather around here! Woohoo! Long days outside and exploring new parks for us! I'm thankful we still have parks only steps away from our new place.

Lots and lots of baking.
 I'm in love with my oven. And my new apron.

Those banana breads were wrapped and given to those who helped us move.

But these cookies were consumed by us only. Oh how I wish I would have doubled the amount of chocolate chips. :)

 It's amazing how the quality of your photos goes way up once you end the chapter of your life of basement dwelling.
The LIGHT!!!
I LOVE IT!!!!!