Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring Tulips at the Farm

Tyson found this Farm months ago and we anticipated their Spring opening for weeks! 
The crazy Spring/Summer then back to Winter weather we had in March/April confused the tulips and daffodils so we had to wait a long time. 

We waited for a weekend where we could all go together which was tricky to find with other scheduled activities. So the one Saturday we had was raining on and off. We must have checked the weather at least 100 times for the days leading up to Saturday and that very day. It gave us great anxiety hoping the rain would actually clear. We finally just decided to go for it with out rain boots and jackets in hand. 

I'm so glad we arrived when we did because the first 20-30 minutes we had there was rain free! 
Taryn and Haddie loved the idea of picking their own flowers and were quick to fill their baskets. 

The rain soon started up again and it was freezing cold, but the kids were having fun with friends and didn't seem to mind for a bit. 

Friends together again! It's always a party when we're with the Williams :)

This is one of my favorite pictures of Taryn!!

We loved this little adventure even though it was cut short because of the freezing rain. I would love to go back again when the weather is better. We all got to the car shaking from the cold and wanting to dry off especially after the girls jumped on the soaked Jump House and slide on the wet blow up slide. It was worth it! We warmed up, eat some food and put our beautiful tulips and daffodils around our home. 

Monday, May 15, 2017

The Smith's Easter Weekend

Our ward's Easter Brunch is always fun and we've learned that we have to arrive early so that we can be there for the Easter Egg Hunt. Taryn really wanted to wear those cute little bunny ears the whole time and I loved it! 
 I was also super proud of Taryn. There were lots of kids who came later and didn't get a chance to hunt for eggs, so Taryn hid her eggs from some of them and also put her eggs in the little children's baskets. My mama's heart was super proud. 

Haddie enjoyed collecting her eggs and instantly eating half the chocolate in them. And that skirt?! Yup, couldn't leave the house without it on :)

Olivia and Haddie are such great besties! 
(Colin and Ethan are pretty cute too!)

There are two days a year that I REALLY like to get a family picture with everyone dressed in their Sunday best. Easter and Mother's Day. 
This Easter was HOT! Very unusual for early Spring and the girls were melting down but I was so happy we got my photo!! 
I requested that we go to the Netherlands Carillon near the Arlington Cemetery because the beautiful tulips were in bloom. 
When we arrived Tyson instantly understood exactly why I wanted to go there. I love him so much. He understands how much I love a good photo! And I have to say that he is really good at taking beautifully framed photos of our family too! 

Tulips and the Washington Monument. 

Taryn and Haddie were troopers! They really did love all the beautiful tulips we saw during this quick outing. Taryn enjoyed wandering on her own through the flowers and taking them all in . 

Each girl picked their favorite color of tulip and asked for me to take a picture of them with their specify tulips. 

Letting them take a break from smiling. Also taking a break from the sun. It really was hot hot hot. 
See their red faces?

Taryn had a blister on her foot, Haddie needed food and Tyson & I both were trying to get back to the car without everyone falling apart. Tyson even took to recording the girls and their complaining, which we listened to back in the car. It was pretty funny once all was said and done but man, getting to the car was like walking 5,000 miles for the girls (and it was only 5 minutes in reality.) 

We had Easter Dinner at our house with the Mellings and the Haleys. I love having them over for dinner and how the kids all play and have fun together. 
Brittany and Seth were asking about our girls scooters (Mini Micro scooters are simply the best ever!) so we all headed outside to test out scooters and have fun. Our neighbor was kind to take our picture. Such a fun group! I'm thankful I have a sister who lives close and such a great friend like Lynne! I'm one lucky girl. 

I love the kids table! Cute little kids having their own conversations and cracking me up! 
These kids are the best. 

Taryn and Haddie had a so much fun dying their Easter Eggs this year. We did it outside (thanks to my friend planting the idea in my head. ) It was so much better for my nerves to not have to worry about the dyed water spilling or glitter & paint getting every where. 
I was able to really relax through this process and the I could tell the girls loved it. 

Tyson did a great job at incorporating the real reason we celebrate Easter into Easter week.We read daily scriptures and watched special Easter videos made by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I loved the Spirit it set for the week and teaching our girls the great gift Jesus Christ gave us by dying on the cross for us. We're grateful for the Atonement, the Resurrection and the ability we have to Repent. 
I'm thankful for Tyson and his desire to help our family each and every day be more like Christ. 

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Our first School Spring Break - 2017 What we did and what we learned for next year

Taryn had her first school Spring Break and we did our best to fill our extra time together with fun and family. 
Our first day of Spring Break was spent at Sandy Point Beach in Maryland. We love this beach so much. It's in a bay so the waves are nice and small, perfect for kids to play in. I don't have to worry every single second that a giant wave is going to crash on them- love it! We like going before August, when all the jelly fish come out (the only downside to this place)
The wind was crazy strong and the water was freezing!
We learned that we won't go to the beach for Spring Break around this area again. We will just have to wait until June.
The girls collected mounds and mounds of sea shells, played with our little friends (The Essig's kids) and even jumped in the water until they were freezing cold. 

I love post beach kids. Sun kissed noses, beach hair curls and happy, yet tired, smiles

Day 2 of Spring Break we had fun outside at The Yards Park in D.C. where the water was cold, again (shocker- really I should have thought that once through after the beach on Monday)
But the girls still had a blast and surprised me with how much they were in the water, even when I felt like my bones were frozen to the core because it was so cold. Luckily the day was warmer and less windy, making it tolerable. We were lucky to have the Williams, Chlarson, Terry, and Burnham families were there to lay along with. 
Once Tyson got off work we went to the movie "Boss Baby" on the discount Tuesday 
I've never seen Taryn laugh so hard in a movie. It was such a great time as a family and friends (The Williams)  

Wednesday was an Easter Potluck at the Essig's home where the kids did an Easter Egg Hunt

On Thursday we met up with Tyson at his work and went out to lunch. The girls were looking forward to our date with daddy all day long. It's always a treat to visit Tyson at work. 

We went to Panas, our favorite Empanada place and enjoyed our picks of meat, cheese and amazing fillings + dipping sauces.

It was a beautiful day in Dupont Circle!

My sister Brittany had told me about Meridian Hill Park in D.C. and I noticed it was right by Tyson's work. So after Tyson headed back to work, the girls and I went to explore this new place we've seen in pictures but had never been to. Taryn and Haddie rode their scooters everywhere. It was really pretty and I can't wait to return after they turn the water on. 

Friday was spent at a new playground (Saint Stephens and Saint Agnes lower school) that had a fun zipline, big slides and all new things for the girls to explore. 

Close by was the Alexandria waterfront. We brought out the scooters again (LOVE THEM SO MUCH!) and we scooted all around Old Town. 

The best thing to do on Spring Break is make sure you plan for treats. Ben & Jerry's was close and the answer to our mid day sugar craving. I love Haddie's chocolate face above. Taryn doesn't care much for ice cream but for some reason she was happy to have her scoop that day, maybe because it was warm out. 

Old Town is beautiful and has so much history. 
Spring Break was a fun adventure and I loved having these two sisters home more.