Sunday, May 7, 2017

Going to the Daffodil Festival, Gloucester County, VA 2017

Back on the Virginia Byway for another adventure! 
In the beginning of April, we set out on one of Tyson's well planned adventures to visit the Daffodil Festival in Gloucester, Virginia.

He takes his driving very seriously :)
Driving through the byways is so beautiful. It's so green, especially now in the Spring time, and we pass lots of animals and crops. The kids are getting better at longer times in the car, but we still have our arsenal of car trip activities to keep them happy. 

We made it just in time to see the parade. Old cars, funny daffodils costumes and free Chick-fil-A gift cards! 

The crazy summer-like weather/freeze that swept through the Eastern states made the daffodils and cherry blossoms go crazy. Half of them died which made this festival less Daffodill-y but still great. 

We walked up and down the booths and found fun around every corner. 

Free goofy family pictures, well yes, thank you!

Pony rides for the girls! We splurged on these $6 rides but we knew it was going to be so fun for them, and perfect for what they could handle (andy bigger and there was no way the girls would have ridden on them) Haddie was in heaven, as horses are her favorite animal. Taryn thought it was the coolest thing and loved it too. Both girls were smiling from ear to ear. 

After the pony rides, each girl got to choose one more adventure to have. Haddie chose the Jump house. She went in and was allowed to jump as long as she liked. She was so incredibly happy. 

Taryn picked ridding the mechanical bull. Totally surprised me that she chose that but she thought it was really cool and did a great job at staying on for a long time. 

We had the traditional fair of corn dogs and philly cheese steak sandwiches with lemonade. No deep fried anything for us ( our bellies thanked us later- ha!)

Face painting is always a plus for the girls. They sit so still and are always happy with the end result. We've had to go over many times that face paint gets washed off at the end of the day. Thankfully they are now ok with that rule. 

We wore them out!!!!

We drove 30 minutes to Williamsburg (we love that little town!) and had the best BBQ at Pierce's. Then to Kiwanis park which we have visited every time we come to get out the last the our wiggles before bed, since our hotel's pool was closed  because it was too cold still :(

We caught up on our General Conference watching at night and the girls fell asleep while Tyson and I plowed through the talks. 

I'm pretty sure I have the same exact photos of me as a kid, sleeping next to my sisters in hotel rooms, arms above my head and everything. 

We cut our trip a little short and decided to head back to Arlington faster so we could relax and home and watch the remainder of General Conference. 
Tyson set up these mini tents for the girls (i.e. King Benjamin's tents :) 
The girls thought the were the best!

We made it through General Conference....well, almost everyone. Haddie needed this nap so badly after a long fun weekend so I was happy to have her sleep through the last few talks. 

I love exploring all that the East Coast has for us. There is so much more to see and do and I love adventuring with my little family. 

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