Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Spring Tulips at the Farm

Tyson found this Farm months ago and we anticipated their Spring opening for weeks! 
The crazy Spring/Summer then back to Winter weather we had in March/April confused the tulips and daffodils so we had to wait a long time. 

We waited for a weekend where we could all go together which was tricky to find with other scheduled activities. So the one Saturday we had was raining on and off. We must have checked the weather at least 100 times for the days leading up to Saturday and that very day. It gave us great anxiety hoping the rain would actually clear. We finally just decided to go for it with out rain boots and jackets in hand. 

I'm so glad we arrived when we did because the first 20-30 minutes we had there was rain free! 
Taryn and Haddie loved the idea of picking their own flowers and were quick to fill their baskets. 

The rain soon started up again and it was freezing cold, but the kids were having fun with friends and didn't seem to mind for a bit. 

Friends together again! It's always a party when we're with the Williams :)

This is one of my favorite pictures of Taryn!!

We loved this little adventure even though it was cut short because of the freezing rain. I would love to go back again when the weather is better. We all got to the car shaking from the cold and wanting to dry off especially after the girls jumped on the soaked Jump House and slide on the wet blow up slide. It was worth it! We warmed up, eat some food and put our beautiful tulips and daffodils around our home. 

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