Thursday, July 29, 2010

His birthday dinner: Thai Food

Tyson picked a Thai restaurant in Mesa for his birthday dinner. It came to us HIGHLY recommended so we HAD to try it. I think it's safe to say we fancy Thai food. It's just so good!
We had dinner on Monday (just a couple days early) because of my work schedule. It's actually really nice this way because your birthday becomes a birth-week! I like trying to spread out birthdays and reasons to celebrate for as long as possible!
Curry Puffs were delicious!
Tys ordered Cashew Chicken and we both loved the sauce it came in.

I had the Pad Thai with Beef and loved it! The noodles were perfect- not too filling and just amazing.

We ended the night on a Sweet note by going next door to Sweet Cakes. They just opened a new edition to their store- FROZEN YOGURT!!!!! There was no way we could just walk by and not try it out! And there was no disappointment there. We enjoyed a great night in Mesa celebrating Tyson's birthday!

Birthday Boy!

He really made this face! I decorated while he was asleep and the surprise was a success!

Birthday Breakfast: Birthday Cake, peaches and pears (they HAVE TO BE canned), orange juice, and present opening.

We have a tradition in my family of Birthday breakfasts and I think it's a great way to start off the day! You get to eat yummy cake in the morning and open your presents so that you can use them that day.

It was a fun morning and I'm so glad that I married this man! Happy Birthday Babe!

More birthday posts coming...

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Almost but not quite yet!

Tomorrow is Tyson's 23rd birthday! I can't wait to celebrate this day with him!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It broke

Tempe Town Lake had a dam. And it burst last week. Yup. Water and tons of it came rushing into the Salt River. Poor fishes... So we went to go check it out.
And saw this little guy. FREAKED me out! I thought someone was being rescued because there were firetrucks, police men, park rangers, and newsreporters everywhere. When we got closer I said, "Tyson...I think that's a alligator!!!!"

We found out that for some reason they brought this little guy down to the lake...I think it was to eat all the fishes but I have no idea. These kids were so brave.
Tyson was brave and touched it.
So even though I didn't have the courage to, I touched the alligator! (then used Purel to disinfect my hands!)

Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Start of everything Lake Powell

Mom and Dad relaxing on the ski boat as they watch their posterity being whipped and flipped off the Banana Boat

Thank you Mom and Dad for a great Scott Family (honk honk) Lake Powell Trip! Every year is fun, exciting and amazing! Thank you for all the hard work and effort you put into this trip. Tyson and I loved every minute!

(you can almost imagine the impact of Brooke right onto David's shoulder!)

The Water Weanie Adventures

Getting ready for the next big tip..

I love "Tyson the Elder's" facial expression.

The best flag boy ever!

The crew saddled and ready to take off!
Dad making his plane soar. His did the best acrobatics! The jet ski's were a great way to get the Air Hogs out of the water after a long flight
Perfect flight!

The Boys and their Toys

All of the July birthdays celebrated on one day on the House Boat! Complete with Scott tradition of Breakfast Cake, peaches and pears for breakfast! (Tyson, Ethan, David, Nataleigh, and Jacob

Ice cream makers!Sweeettt rewards
Making ice cream on the top of the house boat
The family and our cookies...ready for the homemade icecream!
Smitty made a great friend..

The bathing beauties....(minus Ashleigh and Jana who joined us later that week!)
Ethan showing off his surfing skills to his uncles
Jacob and all his cuteness!

The girls run! I was surprised how much the little ones LOVED being on the jet ski's! Megan and Brittany along for the ride



"Tyson the Younger" and Brooke- falling...with style...

Just floatin' around....

Lake Powell Bliss

The Best water fun provider- Captian Sound Off! and his faithful flag girl Kenz

"Tyson the Younger" wake boarding and just a glimpse of the beauty we saw every day

Love this guy- he rocks at everything water

The Crazy Trio- Kenz, Brooke, and "Tyson the Elder"
David and Megan rented these awesome Jet Ski's for the week we were there. None of the Scott's had ever driven/rode one before. Luckily "Tyson the Younger" was there with all his water skills to teach us the art of Jet Ski's. They were a blast! Thanks Megan and David for the added fun of the trip!

Saturday, July 17, 2010


Loved the back of her dress!!

Happiness sums up the whole day. Saturday was a great! Tyson and I attending the Sealing of Christie and Justin in the Mesa, AZ Temple. It was a great experience and we couldn't be happier for them! We enjoyed seeing so many people at their reception and dancing and eating the great food. Christie's family is so special to me. They really have been my Second family in Arizona. I know so many of them through stories that Christie has told me or pictures or meeting them in person. Each one of them is so kind and caring and absolutely fun to be around. All of the girls in her family (5 including Christie) and I had a blast dancing to "This Will Be" from While You Were Sleeping. So glad we could be apart of their special day and can't wait to future double dates with this awesome couple!

Meeting Sandy and Cortney's new edition

Saturday was such a great day! And part of it is because of this little guy!
We met Tyson John Skouson and he is adorable! We had a lot of fun visiting with Sandy and Cortney while holding this little guy. Thanks for letting us stop by! We think they chose a great name! (They will be calling him "Ty" because Sandy served his mission in Thailand!)

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Can't wait for a lot of relaxing.....

and floating.....

and cute nephews and nieces....

some fooling around......

and a good ol' face plant.....

yup...Tys and Bri are loading up the jeep for a Scott Family Reunion.

It's been YEARS!!!!
B- 4 years since she has seen the waters of Lake Powell (cause of school)
T- 5 years since he has wake boarded on the "just like glass" water (cause of school/mission)

Ahhh.... this will be great....

Monday, July 12, 2010

Saturday is a special day!

Guess who's getting married Saturday?
So excited to be apart of Christie and Justin's special day!