Friday, July 2, 2010

Living the Crazy Life

What we have been up to and what we will blog about soon!

MOVING!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the whole big process! Thanks for everyone who came and helped us! We really appreciated it!!!!!! Thank you! (still no working internet)

TRAVELING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sitting in Sky Harbor Phoenix airport waiting for our flight to Utah!! Can't wait to have a great 4th of July weekend with Trevor and Whitney (and get to see Kenzie and Mom and Dad real quick) -Thank you Chantal for the ride to the airport! Lifesaver!

Working!!!!!! Lots of work to keep us busy!

Unpacking....the endless boxes ( I think they multiply while we sleep at night)

Celebrating tons of birthdays.....My family and Tyson's family is hitting the Climax of birthdays during the year. Happy Birthday (to those that have already passed) Ashleigh! Cameron! Brooke! Jacob!....(and those to come) Trevor! Shea!Whitney! Harrison! Sherrod! Tyson!


  1. We moved into the Del Rio ward. We found a cheaper apt. and now live off McClintock and Rural.We miss the old ward! HOpefully we can get together soon!

  2. Oh man! Bummer......we should get together soon! Next time you move though let us know because we totally would have helped!