Thursday, July 29, 2010

His birthday dinner: Thai Food

Tyson picked a Thai restaurant in Mesa for his birthday dinner. It came to us HIGHLY recommended so we HAD to try it. I think it's safe to say we fancy Thai food. It's just so good!
We had dinner on Monday (just a couple days early) because of my work schedule. It's actually really nice this way because your birthday becomes a birth-week! I like trying to spread out birthdays and reasons to celebrate for as long as possible!
Curry Puffs were delicious!
Tys ordered Cashew Chicken and we both loved the sauce it came in.

I had the Pad Thai with Beef and loved it! The noodles were perfect- not too filling and just amazing.

We ended the night on a Sweet note by going next door to Sweet Cakes. They just opened a new edition to their store- FROZEN YOGURT!!!!! There was no way we could just walk by and not try it out! And there was no disappointment there. We enjoyed a great night in Mesa celebrating Tyson's birthday!

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