Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Snow?! and Thanksgiving!

    On one of the best "Fall" days, I took the girls outside to capture them in a moment of time and the beautiful colors. Taryn was having too much fun running around (I think we were just getting over some sickness) so Hadleigh was left to entertain her mama by making faces. After yesterday's 70 degrees, it's hard to believe that the forecast shows snow for us tomorrow. I am doing all my Thanksgiving shopping today to avoid being out in the bad weather with two girls. We're looking forward to spending this holiday with my sister and brother-in-law who live close by. My mind is going over Thanksgivings past, traditions, and what we will do this year with our little family. I'm missing our families but thankful we have Skpe/FaceTime and phones to keep calling each other- reminding everyone to stop having fun without us ;)
 I can already feel the excitement in the air for the holiday season! It helps that the weather we have now is just breathtaking- even if all the leaves are dried and disappearing from the trees. It makes for a perfect Holiday Season to feel and see the change of weather all around.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Taryn wanted a turn at taking pictures and I love what I found below on the camera after she was done snapping away. 

her little sneakers!

                                           I think I will be giving her the camera more often :)

Everyday scenes- personalities

A few months ago I just clicked away with my camera on the girls. I got some of my favorite photos and also some that make me crack up every single time. These truly catch the little personalities of each girl. We love them so much! (I can't believe it's taken me so long to post these!)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Getting out to play even though it's cold!

We went from perfect warm fall weather to…..

…..bone chilling cold overnight last week.

 Welcome, winter! 
I'm not sure how I feel about you yet. All I know is that 35-50 degrees is going to be a lot warmer than 15-20 degrees so we are still getting out to play!
As long as I have their hats, gloves and big winter jackets, these two are happy to be outside!

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We went to the zoo to see the tigers

We woke up a few days ago and saw on the weather report that it was going to get cold cold cold in just a few days. So we decided to get the most out of the zoo before it's just too cold to stay there for long periods of time. Taryn really wanted to have a picnic before we left and since we had to eat lunch anyway, we packed our lunches up and headed to the picnic benches behind our place.

It was a little windy but still fun with these two who are total crack ups. Hadleigh is all about doing EVERYTHING Taryn does! It's worked out pretty well because we believe that's a big reason why Hadleigh is eating, drinking and moving so well!

Look at how neatly crossed her tiny feet are!
 In her car seat, in her high chair, playing with toys that's how we can find her little feet. 

I would call Hadleigh fiercely independent. 
She wants to do anything and everything by herself. She's even starting to show interest in dressing and undressing herself. Oh man- we're in for it!
She wants to hold her own food, drink from a normal cup, use big forks (not toddler ones) etc…
"I can feed myself, thank you very much!"

And Taryn who loves to be under tables instead of sitting at them and eating her food.
If we can get her to sit through a meal, it's like the biggest deal ever!

When we got to the zoo, Taryn got to take a ride on a horse she named "Faster." because I just happened to have the $3 in my wallet and I thought this would be the last time she could ride it until spring. She was very excited!!!

Hadleigh was saying "Oooh! Dat!" and lots of other fun sounds as she saw each animal.  Though I didn't catch it in the above picture, she was so happy to be on that cheetah (for a few seconds)

I spy Taryn picking her animal

These fall colors are amazing!

"Oooh! Dat!!!!! Umm…"

Taryn found these giant leaf piles that were actually quite deep. 

"Goochi goochi goo little bear!" -hehe!

"Mom! The dinosaur is eating me!!!"

And then on the way home, we drove through a portion of Rock Creek Park. It's beautiful anytime of year, but my goodness! Look at those fun fall colors!