Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Snow?! and Thanksgiving!

    On one of the best "Fall" days, I took the girls outside to capture them in a moment of time and the beautiful colors. Taryn was having too much fun running around (I think we were just getting over some sickness) so Hadleigh was left to entertain her mama by making faces. After yesterday's 70 degrees, it's hard to believe that the forecast shows snow for us tomorrow. I am doing all my Thanksgiving shopping today to avoid being out in the bad weather with two girls. We're looking forward to spending this holiday with my sister and brother-in-law who live close by. My mind is going over Thanksgivings past, traditions, and what we will do this year with our little family. I'm missing our families but thankful we have Skpe/FaceTime and phones to keep calling each other- reminding everyone to stop having fun without us ;)
 I can already feel the excitement in the air for the holiday season! It helps that the weather we have now is just breathtaking- even if all the leaves are dried and disappearing from the trees. It makes for a perfect Holiday Season to feel and see the change of weather all around.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Taryn wanted a turn at taking pictures and I love what I found below on the camera after she was done snapping away. 

her little sneakers!

                                           I think I will be giving her the camera more often :)

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