Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Going up the Washington Monument

Over the summer, the restorations were completed on the Washington Monument after an earthquake cracked the structure in 2011. 
Once it was opened for visitors, we were set on going up! 
It was super windy outside and down right cold but once we got inside, it was so fun! We got the best view of D.C. from all four sides and got to see the D.C. temple from afar. 
The Washington Monument is one amazing engineering feat!

Hadleigh & her pickles! She LOVES them so much! 
She can sit and devour an entire snack size dill pickle in minutes and still want more!

We had a picnic on The Mall after with our sandwiches, tomatoes, pickles, cheese and leftover chocolate covered pretzels from my work that couldn't be used. Yum!
Luckily the wind had died down so we were freezing. It was a vey fun day on The Mall doing something new!

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