Monday, December 15, 2014

Thanksgiving in Virginia 2014

Look at the yummy food!
We spent this Thanksgiving with my sister who just moved recently with her husband into a house so they can house sit for the next year or so (on and off.) So we went to Annandale to celebrate the day! We cooked, watched Frozen, ate, ate, and ate!

 Taryn made this turkey in preschool and it just made me laugh that Seth & Brittany made the cut :) We were talking about all things Thanksgiving before Taryn went to preschool one morning and I guess the thing that stuck was going to Brittany & Seth's house for Thanksgiving. So of course, she was grateful for them!! :)

This silly girl is always entertaining!

Orange rolls were everyone's favorite! I halved the recipe for the Yum Yum Yams and it still made soooo much!!! But they are SOOOO good! 

We headed outside for a walk before the sun set and were met with hail & then snow!!! Hahah! Of course! Here is the only place I have ever lived that the weather is so unpredictable. It's not even worth checking the forecast because it's only half right. But we still had fun running around and getting all the triptafen out of our systems ;)

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