Thursday, December 18, 2014

Giving Gingerbread Houses a second chance

So if you remember back here, we declared ourselves NOT a Gingerbread House making family. But when our friends invited us over for a Gingerbread House making party we thought we would give it another go. To our surprise, the three stores we tried to find gingerbread house kits at were already out! It was the only the 2nd Saturday of December!!!! We were shocked and disappointed. How could they go so quickly!!? Are they really that popular? Oh well... we bought various candies, frosting and graham crackers for less than a kit would cost so we were happy.

Well, turns out, it's not SO bad after all. When Hadleigh is distracted by friends and new to her toys, Taryn and I can get a lot done together. Tyson was chatting with those at the party because he claims he does not have the artist patience :)

That is one happy girl! She kept saying, "Ok, now I want to build the big one!" 
So next year we're buying our kits before Thanksgiving!

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